Welcome to where you will find a one-stop site for UK players looking for Slots not on gamstop. At we list only safe casino sites not on gamstop for players after self-exclusion in the UK. Continue reading and find our lists of sites including exclusive bonuses!


1. Damslots

400% UP TO £800

New casino launched in July 2022. 30% Daily Cashback. Slots & Live Roulette

⭐️Overall score: 9.8/10⭐️

2. Luck of Spins

Luck of Spins logo

300% UP TO £1200

New casino launched in June 2022. 10% Daily Cashback. Live Casino & Sports Betting

⭐️Overall score: 9.6/10⭐️

3. Slots Dreamer Casino

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400% UP TO £1200

Brand new casino with live games and the most popular slots!

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10⭐️

4. Lady Linda Casino


300% UP TO £1000

Trending casino with bingo and sportsbook!

⭐️Overall score: 9.7/10⭐️

5. Platinum Club VIP

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400% UP TO £3000

Top VIP casino and cashback scheme 

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10⭐️

6. Mr Slots Club

250% UP TO £2500

New casino not on gamstop!

Big welcome bonus with 10% daily cashback!  

⭐️Overall score: 9.1/10⭐️

7. Anonym Bet Casino


300% UP TO £1000

Best for players looking to deposit and withdraw anonymously  

⭐️Overall score: 9.3/10⭐️

8. Royal Oak Casino

Royal Oak Casino


250% UP TO £1000

250% on first deposit + fast cashout methods on all payment options

⭐️Overall score: 9.4/10⭐️

9. Black Magic Casino


500% UP TO £1000

A new casino with a great VIP and cashback scheme 

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10⭐️

10. The Red Lion Casino

red lion casino logo

750% UP TO £3000

New release in Oct 2020. 400% up to £800 First Deposit Bonus + Includes Netent Slots!

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10 ⭐️

11. SlotsNBets

slots n bets


300% UP TO £1000

Top security, Available for players from the UK With the biggest Game Selection

⭐️ Overall score: 9.8/10 ⭐️

12. Harry’s

harrys casino


350% UP TO £1000

Well known Casino in the UK with top game providers and a huge % deposit welcome package

⭐️ Overall score: 9.2/10 ⭐️

How Do We Rate the Best Non-Gamstop Casinos?

Gamstop is a useful, self-exclusion service that UK gamblers can access to help reduce their problem gambling. Since its implementation, more than 200,000 people are now registered as of February last year, which means people believe it is a useful service. However, there will be those who have since changed their minds about engaging with the scheme.

When looking for the best non Gamstop casinos, it becomes necessary to rate the available options so that players have the best idea of where to go if they want to play something like slots not on Gamstop. This is easily done by looking at three main factors that most online casinos not on Gamstop can be judged by.


Whether an online casino is partnered with Gamstop UK or not; they need to have a license. This ensures that the site is regulated by a governing body, such as the UKGC which can help protect gamblers. Although more than 75% of people on Gamstop were in full or part-time employment, 25% of people were not and these are the ones who would have been particularly at risk.

Those who are searching for how to get around Gamstop are no doubt attempting this because they have signed up for the scheme themselves and want to change their minds. This can lead to some people considering unlicensed options, which is never a smart thing to do.

In this way, it is important to consider whether casinos not on Gamstop have a valid license as this will inform whether the site is suitable to play at. While non-Gamstop casinos UK will usually be licensed, this cannot be assumed to be the case 100% of the time as failing to pay attention to the matter of license can lead to players losing money. Of course, financial disaster is exactly what Gamstop is aiming to stop, which is likely why more people are enjoying signing up to the service – in February 2021, Gamstop registrations increased by 21% from the last year.

User Experience

Another important factor to consider when looking for casinos not on Gamstop UK is the user experience that players will receive. This is not just important for casino websites; it is a fundamental aspect of web design that should normally be followed for any website that is intended to be accessed by the public. Much like how Gamstop is designed to be accessed by all – the ethnic makeup of those who are signed up resembles the ethnic makeup of the UK population – the same is true for how accessible non Gamstop sites are.

Given this, it is something that gambling sites not on Gamstop will want to take in mind when designing their websites.

Many things are included in the user experience such as the ease of navigating to different parts of the site, the design of the site itself and much more. The gambling sites not on Gamstop UK that provide the best user experience will be the ones that are rated the highest and therefore are the ones that players looking to get involved in Gamstop gambling should access.

Sports Betting

Although casino sites should focus on providing players with great casino games first, the best sites will also have a sportsbook to accompany this. Of course, not everyone who enjoys playing at non Gamstop casinos will also enjoy sports betting, but the option being there can only be a positive thing.

Many will be aware that Gamstop is not limited to just casing gambling; it covers sports betting too. This is useful as sports betting is typically accessed by more younger players than casino gambling. Fortunately, Gamstop serves as a useful barrier for these younger players as more of them are using the service. In fact, 59% of people who are registered with Gamstop are aged between 18-34.

The presence of a sportsbook is not enough to justify giving a non-Gamstop casino UK a high rating, though. This is because there are many more factors that make a good sportsbook, much like how some online casinos are better than others. The range of sports offered as well as the odds on certain selections will depend on whether the sportsbook is good or not and will therefore affect the overall ranking of the casino site itself.

Sites Not on Gamstop

Players who are looking to do some gambling without Gamstop have a wide range of options available to them when it comes to the type of gambling they prefer. Although most will likely be searching for a casino not on Gamstop, users might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of sites without Gamstop, such as slots, betting, poker, and bingo sites.

Slots Sites

Everyone should know what slots are and how they work as they are the options that beginner gamblers typically access. Those who enjoy these games especially will be happy to learn that there are dedicated sites that enable users to play on slots without Gamstop. Players who access these sites will discover a plethora of slots games that they can access, far more than what would be on offer on a normal casino without Gamstop.

As these sites not on Gamstop will not be regulated by the UKGC, it means that players will lose access to the most popular slots games in the country as they are normally provided by casino sites that do have the UK license. However, many of the UK slots not on Gamstop that players will access are provided by reputable developers and they offer great gameplay and excellent bonuses.

Betting Sites

As most will already know, some casino sites offer the classic games that everyone loves and a sportsbook for the gamblers who are also sports enthusiasts. However, it is still possible to access UK sites not on Gamstop that are dedicated sportsbooks too where users can enjoy betting on a wide range of sports such as football, hockey, basketball and more.

Those who are looking to bet on these sports on sites that are not on Gamstop will be limited when it comes to what is popular in the UK though. This is because these kinds of sites are typically hosted and licensed in different countries, which means that it wouldn’t make sense to offer sports that are popular in the UK, but not elsewhere. A good example of this is horse racing as it is very much a traditional British sport.

Bingo Sites

Less people will likely be searching for bingo sites when the popularity of casino sites, betting and slots is considered. However, bingo still has its part to play in the gambling industry as it remains an easily accessible game that many across the world enjoy playing. While this is true for most of the games not on Gamstop that have been mentioned, bingo especially does have a sizeable following, making the need for dedicated bingo sites clear.

It might surprise some to learn that bingo is a game that is traditionally enjoyed by women. Although it can be enjoyed by both sexes, this fact explains why out of all the people who are registered with Gamstop, 30% are female.

Those who are looking for UK sites not on Gamstop that give a great bingo experience may be disappointed, as there are only a few reputable options that players can access. However, casinos that don’t use Gamstop will usually have bingo offerings too, providing an alternative for those who enjoy playing bingo.

Poker Sites

No one will dispute that poker is among the most popular casino games that people can play and one only must look at its long history to get an idea of its reputation. Those who have signed up to Gamstop and enjoy playing poker will no doubt be searching for a casino not on Gamstop UK to play the iconic game. Fortunately, virtually all casino sites will have poker options to offer to players, and this is also true for casino sites without Gamstop.

While poker enthusiasts can access sites that are purely dedicated to poker, many gambling sites without Gamstop offer many variations of the game, so players can be assured that there will be something for them no matter where they go. Some of the best include:

  • Live Dealer Games
  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • High and Low Omaha Poker

Non-Gamstop Sites Payment Methods

Just as payments method are an important part of standard casino websites, the same applies when looking for an online casino without Gamstop. Casino sites are normally incentivised to provide as many payment method options as possible to cater to the greatest range of customers, which is why a hallmark of a good gambling site is an extensive range of payment methods.

Most sites that are not on Gamstop offer a good range of payment methods, though some are better than others. They will all usually accept popular options such as debit cards and even credit cards – something that UK players will appreciate. This is because last year, the UKGC banned the use of credit cards in gambling activities. However, when it comes to the payment methods that are the most common across casinos bot blocked by Gamstop, the results might surprise some:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Boku
  4. Pay by Phone
  5. Crypto

Many might be concerned that casino sites that aren’t on Gamstop aren’t as reliable as those regulated by the UKGC, especially when it comes to withdrawing winnings. Fortunately, these sites are regulated by authoritative bodies in their own countries, which means players can feel safe to play at these sites.


Are there any UK online casinos not on Gamstop?

Although the number of the sites not on gamstop is on the decline there ar still a small number of casinos that accept UK players who have self-excluded themselves from gambling online. The most popular ones are 4Crowns, Fortune Clock and Lionel Bets.

What sites are not on Gamstop?

As with any area of online gambling – so with non gamstop sites. players looking for any type of gambling will have a small number of brands offering Slots games, Bingo titles, Sportsbetting and Poker. Letlely there have even been sites offering Lottos and Slingo not on gamstop

How do we reverse Gamstop?

Once you sign up with gamstop there is no way to cancel it. All you can do is either wait for your time to be over or find sites that are not on gamstop.

What is Gamstop UK?

Gamstop UK is a non profit that was created in order to help problem gamblers block themselves from gambling. In reality, many of the people who have signed up to gamstop have no problem with gambling but have signed up in the spur of the moment after a loss.

Is Gamstop free?

Gamstop UK is a free software and forever will be. There are other programmes that cost money and do the similar work to gamstop namely betblocker and gamlock.

How long does Gamstop last?

Gamstop can last between 6 months, 12 months, or 5 years. It is up to the player that has signed up to the program to decide the length of the time period.

Do non Gamstop sites have age restrictions?

Yes. Just like any other licensed sites, UK casinos not on gamstop have an age limit of 18. Players under the age of 18 will not be eligible to play and should stay away from online gambling.

Sites Not with Gamstop Conclusion

It is nice taking you through an extensive review of sites not covered by Gamstop.  We have considered virtually all aspects of casinos not registered with gamstop that you need to know. Remember that the self-exclusion scheme is a programme designed for players to combat gambling addiction. 

Therefore, you should not hesitate to join this programme if you fall into any of the categories discussed in the course of the article. However, players who are pressured to register oftentimes look for ways to circumvent this scheme.  All the information that you need to get around Gamstop UK have been provided above.

Finally, non Gamstop sites are reliable and safe platforms for UK players who have joined the self-exclusion programme.

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