Amaya Software Provider Review – not on gamstop?

Awaya was founded in 2004, and it is located in Canada. It is one of the best software providers around the globe. Unfortunately, there is not an option to play at any casinos not on gamstop with this software. Amaya games are not only engaging but also easy to play. The software company is described as one of the most prominent sources for different kinds of online casino games.  Since its inception in 2004, it has never failed to meet the expectations of its teeming clients. The company has an experienced workforce, which reflects in the quality of its products.  Apart from its experienced employee, Amaya has acquired other competitors to enhance its services in providing online gaming. 

This company took over the cryptologic in 2012.  The acquired company, cryptologic, is a software provider that is situated in Ireland. The company has a wealth of experience when it comes to developing top-value online games. Therefore, this move has been of great advantage to Amaya as it improves its performance.  Amaya has more than 200 high-quality, engaging games that are being played around the globe.  

Amaya is a notable software provider that offers top-notch games to players.  Apart from that, the company offers a wide array of games that meets the expectations of its teeming clients.   A lot of casinos online feature the Amaya software to provide gaming on their platforms.  In this article, we will take you through the features of this reputable game provider.  Asides, we will take a look at their games, and the security features put in place by the company.  

During 2014, Amaya inc. was re-named to be the Stars Group who then went on to be acquired by publicly traded online gambling giant Flutter Fans.

Special Features/Technology 

At present, Amaya stands out as one of the best software providers for online casinos. It is worth mentioning that the company offer excellent mobile games. Amaya ensures that all its well-known games and those that are so popular, are developed in HTML5 technology. This optimizes the games for different devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops.  Whether you have an Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS device, you will be to access these games.  

Bear in mind that you don’t need to download any mobile application to play any of Amaya games on mobile. All you need to do is to log in to any Amaya betting sites not on gamstop through your mobile browser and enjoy the top-notch games.  

New Amaya site coming soon – Black Magic Casino, Gallo Casino, Safari Spins and Lady Linda Casino

Support and Security 

When it comes to Support and security, Amaya outshines its competitors. The software provider is licensed by the UK authorities, Gibraltar, as well as Malta. These are the three most prominent licenses of the company.  

Also, the software provider is licensed by Antigua and Barbuda, which is a regulatory commission for financial services. This group ensures fairness in all online casino games. Therefore, gamers should rest assured that their rights are protected. Apart from that, no game result can get manipulated whether it comes out favorable or otherwise. 

Also, the software was tested by the laboratory international to ascertain that all bets made on their games cannot be altered.

Popular Games 

Amaya boast of top-quality casino games that are designed with the interest of players in mind.  The company, due to its wealth of experience, known how to make attractive picks.  Amaya games are work smoothly, and they are user-friendly.  The outstanding features of Amaya’s game make it an excellent choice for players looking for something worthwhile to play.  

Apart from its video slot, the company has a vast range of games in the market.  Note that most of its slot games are 5-reel online video slots.  Bear in mind that Amaya does not own these slots alone.  They are also provided by other notable software companies like Chartwell, Leander, Betsoft, and Cryptologic.  

Amaya software offers different variants of blackjack, which include Atlantic blackjack, lucky seven blackjacks, European blackjack, and Vegas blackjack. The number of Amaya games on gaming platforms is on the increase. This development is as a result of the merging of other experienced software providers.

Some of the games being offered on Amaya websites are as follows: 

  • Avenger 
  • Diamond Tower
  • Frog fries 
  • Jackpot Size 
  • Millionaires club 
  • Chili Gold 

Furthermore, the jackpot is mainly dependent on the type of machine as well as the game. The company offers a jackpot named Jackpotolis which comes with a huge jackpot. The jackpot offers about twenty-four different languages. Apart from that, it offers different currencies and banking options. Some of the company’s popular games are: 

  • Captain Nemo and Forest Group 
  • Superman Last son of Crypton 
  • Forest Gump 
  • Blackbeard’s Gold 
  • Aladdin’s legacy 

Amaya has over 300 games that you can play. 

What’s new? 

Amaya has continuously been upgrading the quality of its gaming products. The games now have attractive graphics and are easy to play.  Apart from that, the company has a vast selection of non gamstop bingo games, giving players numerous alternatives.  

One of the latest development is mobile compatibility. Both new and existing games are now developed using HTML5 technology to ensure its versatility. These games can now be accessed on different devices like smartphones, iPad, laptops, tablets, and others. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to download any app to access any of these games; all you need to do is to visit any of the Amaya casino websites via your mobile browser.

Furthermore, the merger of the company with other highly rated software providers has significantly improved the quality of their products.


Amaya is a top-notch gaming software provider with over ten years of experience. And although players that have signed up with gamstop UK cannot play with this software, the company has successfully established itself as one of the top game providers around the world.  It offers a massive range of excellent games that are easy to play.  

Furthermore, the company is regulated and licensed by reputable authorities. Amaya games can be accessed on different mobile devices. This is made possible by its HTML5 technology.  Amaya games become a popular choice among players and operators due to its top-quality features, which are evident from their products.  

In terms of security, the software provider is on top of its game.  With its over 300 games, Amaya offers every player the opportunity to make their choices.  If you aim to play a game that is fair, safe, and interesting, then you should select any of the games from this reputable software provider. 

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