Best online casino free spins

When you are seeking out an online casino to enjoy the best casino games, one of the primary considerations you are going to have is the quality of offers each casino has. Most of the best casino offers focus mainly on the provision of free betting credits, which can run into the hundreds of pounds. It is, however, clear that there are also plenty of offers which focus primarily on free spins – the concept of which is to allow free play on slot games in the hope of achieving a payout.

As with any casino offer, free spins are definitely more welcome than ones that you have to pay for, so from that point of view they are definitely a form of offer worth having. However, it should be noted that different free spins offers can be better or worse than others, and it is important to make sure when you are seeking the best offers that you are judging them on the right basis. If you want to find the best online casino free spins offers, then it is vital to include the following priorities in your search.

Wagering requirements

All free spins are free, in the sense that you don’t have to pay for them. That’s better than having to pay for them, but there is a difference between many of the different free spins offers available to you as a casino bettor. One of the primary differences is that they have different wagering requirements. Every free spins offer, more or less, brings with it the need to “re-bet” any amount you win a certain number of times. Sometimes it’s 35 times, but in some places it may be 70. Naturally, if you have won £20 and need to bet more money to get hold of it, it’s better to have to bet £700 than £1400.

Where can you use the free spins?

It’s not uncommon for free spins to be bound to one slots game, or to a collection of a few games. This will be signposted in the terms and conditions – where you will be told “Spins must be used on [game or games]”. It’s really vital that you read the terms and conditions, because if you believe that you have 100 free spins and go to use them on a game of your choice, you may have spun three or four times before you realise the spins are coming off your account balance and not being taken from the free spins you were given.

How can you wager off your winnings?

There are also many free spins offers that have restrictions on what you can do to satisfy the wagering requirements that have been placed on your winnings. If you’ve won £20 and need to wager £700 to get your hands on it, you may wish to bet on the roulette wheel, where it is possible to more or less break even if you’re fortunate. But some casinos will insist that wagering is carried out on the same slot, or on slots more generally. Others will allow you to wager on roulette and blackjack, but stipulate that only a percentage of what you bet on those games counts towards the overall amount; sometimes, it’ll be as low as 5%.

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