Betting Sites Not On Gamstop 2023

It is hard to disagree that online betting hasn’t become a phenomenon in the world of gambling. One must only look towards the Gambling Commission, which revealed almost £4.7bn was bet online in 2016-17. There is no doubt that more people today prefer the convenience of online bookmakers as they allow people to bet from the comfort of their homes.

Of course, gambling of all kinds can lead to all kinds of trouble such as addiction, stress and most commonly, dire monetary straits. Research in 2015 shows that 6.4% of gamblers were ‘at risk’ of becoming problem gamblers, a figure that makes the existence of a self-exclusion scheme like Gamstop feel necessary.

However, many people sign up to Gamstop quickly without thinking of the ramifications of doing so, and those that later try to come off the programme will find that it isn’t so easy to get out of. Most people don’t do this though as 58% of those who are with Gamstop stay for the maximum exclusion period of five years. However, there will still be some who are searching for ways to bet on their favourite sports teams at new betting sites. This is where betting sites not on Gamstop come into play. These options allow bettors to gamble without any restrictions or less than what might be present on standard betting sites.

Best UK Betting Sites Not On Gamstop 2023





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How Do We Rate the Best Non Gamstop Sportsbooks?

There are many new betting sites UK arriving all the time, but for those that have signed up with Gamstop, this doesn’t help them as they won’t be able to access most UKGC-licenced bookmakers. Fortunately, there is a range of UK betting sites not on Gamstop that players can access for the same fun that they are used to. Given that there are so many sports betting sites not on Gamstop, the need to rank them is clear as some will be better than others. However, to determine what the best betting sites not on Gamstop UK are, there are three elements to consider.

Game Selection

The games that are on offer is usually important for non gamstop online casinos to consider, but the same is true for UK sports betting sites not on Gamstop. This is because the best sportsbooks will offer a casino in addition to multiple sports as this will satisfy players once they have had enough of placing bets. The more games on offer, the more likely it is that users will continue to stay on the site. However, betting companies not on Gamstop should also prioritise the quality of the games as well.


Everyone loves a good bonus and this does not change when looking for sports betting not on Gamstop. Just as standard online bookies have competition, so too do sports betting sites not on Gamstop UK. Bonuses are designed to attract more customers by providing them with better value for their money, so a site that showers bettors in great offers is naturally going to rank higher than some other options that are not on Gamstop.

Fair Odds

Most veterans of gambling will agree that odds play a big part in deciding whether a sportsbook is good or not. The same thinking should be applied by those wanting to start betting without Gamstop as players will usually have a better time on a site that shows truthful and fair odds. This is because they can develop their own strategies by looking at those odds.

Most Popular Sports Games Not on Gamstop and Where to Find Them


This is a game that needs no introduction thanks to its popularity around the world. However, in the UK, the love for football is on another level, which is why many bookies not on Gamstop allow UK bettors to bet on the sport. With some of these options, football betting not on Gamstop is easy to do.  It will come as no surprise that football is mainly a male sport, which explains why there is a 70/30 male/female split when it comes to Gamstop registrants.


Another sport that is enjoyed in the UK especially is horseracing. The sport has enjoyed a long history in the gambling world and many would agree that is among the most exciting sports to bet on. Fortunately, there are many horse racing betting sites not on Gamstop which will appeal to those who enjoy the sport but are limited by the Gamstop programme. These options usually offer everything that horseracing enthusiasts have come to expect from UKGC-licensed bookies, so they should have nothing to fear when looking for horse racing not on Gamstop.


There were 24 million adult gamblers in Britain in 2020, and it’s likely that many of them enjoy placing bets on tennis. The sport that is loved among bettors as they only must focus on the individual performances of two or four people, compared to some other team sports. It is also a fantastic option when looking to get started sports betting not on Gamstop UK as many sites online will have tennis as one of their most popular options for bettors to access.


England is known for many things, but when it comes to sport, cricket is one that always pops up as it originated within the country. As we have a long history with it, those who sign into their betting accounts not on Gamstop might be surprised to see cricket listed as an available sport to place bets on.


Most will agree that the majority of humans have a penchant for violence, which is why boxing is one of the most loved sports in the world. Equally, those who are searching for what betting sites are not on Gamstop will likely be hoping that boxing is listed as an available sport as it is also enjoyable to bet on.


Esports is one market that is rising thanks to the global hormone that is gaming. The fact that people can now bet on their favourite gaming teams opens a whole new player base that might enjoy esports betting. This is likely to be young bettors, which makes sense given the gaming demographic. Additionally, this might explain why more young people are using Gamstop – 59% of people who are registered are aged between 18-34.

Bettors should look for options that have as many tournaments available, as this will ensure that their preferred teams are available to bet on. Like most other sports, esports is a popular fixture on betting apps not on Gamstop thanks to the digital nature of the sports itself.

How is Gamstop Helping the UK Online Sports Betting Industry?

Since 2018, Gamstop has been a useful addition to the sports betting industry and the gambling industry as a whole in the UK. This is because it helps save at-risk bettors from getting themselves into financial ruin by helping them to stop their addiction from developing in the first place. The public certainly understands the value of the scheme as last September saw a 25% increase in Gamstop registrations from 2020.

From this, it can be assumed that bettors understand the usefulness of Gamstop and are all too happy to utilise it.

However, this is something that does not apply to every bettor. Although 200,000 people are using Gamstop as of February 2021, about two million people are believed to be either problem gamblers or at risk of problem gambling. This suggests that the issue isn’t a question of the effectiveness of Gamstop, but the problem seems to be getting problem gamblers to try it in the first place.

Given this, Gamstop certainly has helped the sports betting industry in that it has helped protect bettors, but it has also done more. This can be seen through the reputation that Gamstop holds; when bettors see the logo, they instantly trust that bookmaker for being a place that is licenced and encourages responsible gambling.


Can UK players bet at non gamstop betting site?

Yes, UK players can play at non Gamstop betting sites. Though the non Gamstop betting sites cannot promote in the UK because of license issues, there are still betting sites that accept UK players. Non Gamstop betting sites accept international players, including UK players.
If players from UK would not want the Gamstop program to take the control on their betting, then it is usual for them to look for betting sites that are not on Gamstop even if it does not have the UKGC license. This makes non Gamstop betting sites open for all who would like to play online betting and gambling.

Are non gamestop bookies safe?

No one can really answer this right away, and it is best to test it themselves. You can bet small amounts first and see how much support and efficiency you can get from the betting site.
So, it is best that you go for non Gamstop betting sites that are well recommended by bettors and analysts. This way, the risk is lesser and you can be sure that other players have already seen that the site is safe. You can first do good research to know which non Gamstop betting sites are recommended by many. There are tons of articles and blogs that you can read online for this information.

What are the best betting sites not on gamstop?

There are quite a few non Gamstop betting sites that emerge when the word ‘best’ is mentioned. It is because players will always have different likes and dislikes, and their ratings on the sites may vary.
However, there are usual betting sites that come out when this topic is discussed. A few non Gamstop betting sites that are mentioned to be in the ‘best’ category are SlotsnBets, Harry’s, Bet Swagger, Red Lion and Royal Oak. There are other betting sites that can be fitted in this category. Again, if you want to join only the best sites, then doing your research will help you land on the betting site fitted for your preferences.

Sports Bookies Not With Gamstop Conclusion

Non Gamstop betting sites are becoming popular as many players find playing in it more fun and exciting since they can bet limitless. These betting sites are licensed but are independent sites. Players that join these betting sites can be assured that they can play betting and gambling in a safe and protected betting environment.

There are a few reasons non Gamstop Bookies continue to rise in popularity these days. It is because its betting sites continue to improve the number and quality of games they offer, and it can also banner safe and secured banking options.

Players these days look to enjoy what the betting site can offer to them. If self-control and responsibility in gaming is the issue, there are already lots of players who can attest that they can manage their own betting and will not need to register in betting sites that have self-restricting programs

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