Betting Sites not on Gamstop 2021

Online betting has become the trend in the world of gambling. These days, more people prefer gambling over the internet through the different online betting sites as it is more convenient and hassle-free. But no matter where people gamble, some would end up getting into deep trouble such as addiction, debt and stress. Therefore, many gambling sites take the services of self-restricting programs such as Gamstop.

Bettors and gamblers who have difficulties in controlling their gambling will need to join betting sites that are on Gamstop. But as for those who see online betting as a way of enjoyment only, they can go for betting sites that are not on Gamstop. This allows the bettors to fully enjoy what the betting site can offer without limits or restrictions. There are lots of gambling sites that are not on Gamstop that bettors cbingoan choose from and join. They just need to find the better ones to enjoy their betting experience.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the following aspects to do with Gambling sites not on Gamstop:

  • List of the top-rated betting sites not covered by gamstop
  • Are there any Bookies not on gamestop?
  • Horse Racing not on Gamstop
  • Features of sports betting not on gamstop
  • Popular non gamstop sports
  • Non-Gamstop Bookmakers Bonuses
  • Types of Bets at these gambling Sites
  • Methods to find safe betting platforms off Gamstop
  • How we rank the best non Gamstop Betting Sites
  • All info about Gamstop and how it is helping the UK gambling industry
  • Common Asked Questions
sports betting not on gamstop

Read on to find out more about UK Non Gamstop Betting Sites

Number of Bookies Reviewed24
Recommended Non-Gamstop Bookies12
Highest % Deposit Match100%
Highest £ Bonus£3000
Types of SportsbooksBetting Sites
Types of GamesFootball, Horse Racing, Tennis Esports
Betting not listed on gamstop information

Below is the full list of Betting sites not blocked by gamstop.


1. SlotsNBets

slots n bets

220% UP TO £200

Exclusive Euro Welcome Bonus . Top market priced odds!

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10⭐️

2. Royal Oak

Royal Oak Casino

150% UP TO £150

Exclusive Euro 2020 Welcome Bonus

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10 ⭐️

3. The Red Lion

red lion casino logo

200% UP TO £200

New release in Oct 2020. Exclusive Euro 2020 Welcome Bonus

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10 ⭐️

4. Lady Linda

100% UP TO £100

New release in March 2021. Great Welcome Package on your 3 first deposits! Top priced odds!

⭐️Overall score: 9.7/10 ⭐️

5. Harry’s

harrys casino

180% UP TO £180

Exclusive Euro 2020 Welcome Bonus. 300% up to £2000 First Deposit Casino Bonus + Includes Betting Site

⭐️Overall score: 9.8/10 ⭐️

6. Divas Luck

diva luck


New Site March 2021! Best Odds Available! 400% Casino Bonus

⭐️Overall score: 9.6/10 ⭐️

7. Cyber 3077

cyber casino

UP TO £100

Top security, Available for bettors from the UK. 10% Daily Cashback

⭐️ Overall score: 9.8/10 ⭐️

8. Cobra Spins

cobra spins


Bet on all sporting events, outrights and live odds at top prices! Visa Accepted

⭐️ Overall score: 9.2/10 ⭐️

9. 24 Monaco

100% UP TO £100

A new top-rated platform with Massive game selection and Generous bonuses 

⭐️ Overall score: 9.4/10 ⭐️

10. Platinum Club VIP

Platinum Club VIP Logo


Launched in April with a casino platform, live and outright odds. Get treated by your own VIP manager!

⭐️ Overall score: 9.0/10 ⭐️

Read on to find out more about Sports Gambling Sites not blocked by gamestop. 

How Do we Rate the Best Non Gamstop SportsBooks?

Ranking the best non Gamstop betting sites can be a tough job as there are features that one will always have better than the others and vice versa. There are lots of things that can affect the rankings of a non Gamstop betting site. Every element in their site can impact their ratings. In order to get the proper ranking, there are elements in a site to look into.

Game Selection

For non Gamstop betting sites, the selection of games is important. No bettor would want to join a betting site that has limited or very few games to play. The more games available, the higher it will rate among bettors, gamblers and analysts. But aside from the number of games offered, it is also important that all games have high excitement quality. There should also be variations, so the players can have more options.


As has been reviewed by Super6 Betting sites not on Gamstop can rank high when they have bonuses to offer to their members and players. Of course, everyone wants free perks and players would automatically love a site that can shower them with special deals. However, gambling sites should realize that they can get high scores from players when their bonuses are easy to claim and use. It should give players the best deals, more games, and even more money. Bonuses should make the betting experience of a player lucrative and fun.

Fair Odds

In sports betting, the odds can be a vital element for the players to make their strategies. For sports betting sites that are not on Gamstop, it is important that the odds they show in their site are fair and truthful. It should not be just about getting more bettors and money bets, but it is about helping players to analyze the possibilities. Strategies through odds can help players place proper bets that can have higher chances of winning.

Looking for non Gamstop Betting sites?

Sports betting is among the favorites of online bettors because they can watch the sports matches while waiting for the results of their bets. This gives them double excitement and fun. It is even better if the bettors can join the best online betting sites that offer sports betting.

UK Betting SitesRatingMin Deposit
Red Lion5/5£20
Fortune Clock5/5£20
Royal Oak4.5/5£50
Best bookies not on Gamstop 2021

Best Sports Bookies not on Gamstop 2021

1. The Red Lion Gambling Site

red lion games
Red Lion Bookie is off gamstop

If you are looking for a Betting site that offers tons of promotions and bonuses, then you will get to enjoy joining the Red Lion Bookie. The Gambling site has been known for its exciting sports games. But it is also a favorite with its sports betting features.

Bettors who prefer betting on sports choose Red Lion because of the wide selection of sports matches and tournaments it carries. The live updates that the site has are among the features that sports bettors love about this site. They can easily check on what is happening to the matches they have placed bets on.

This site also carries big tournaments that are well known all over the world. With this, bettors are updated with the big leagues of the world while enjoying betting on the matches. Red Lion sportsbook gives bettors the chance to enjoy the games and betting at the same time.

2. Harry’s Casino

harrys betting site
non gamstop Harry’s Bookmaker

Harry’s is one of the betting sites where sports betting fans can enjoy. It is because they cater a lot of sports from football, tennis, basketball, to cycling. There are lots of tournaments and matches to place bets on.

With its wide selection of sports offered, bettors will not run out of matches to bet on. It also has a schedule posted on the upcoming matches in the different sports betting it offers. This will give the bettors the time to see and follow a certain series or tournament they would want to keep betting on. With Harry’s, bettors get to place bets on the biggest sports leagues that are popular around the world.

The excitement in these tournaments is triple times more as majority bettors are after these big betting games where bets are bigger and betting with so much more online bettors is possible.

3. SlotsNBets

slotnbets sports
SlotnBets not on gamstop

For sports betting, SlotsnBets has the biggest leagues in the world of sports. They also carry even the not-so-popular sports on betting like water polo, snooker and many more. As many bettors would want to bet on the big leagues where the world is following, some would want to go for the smaller tournaments and matches.

This site allows bettors to bet on even small tournaments so they will not compete with a huge crowd. Live updates are also shown so bettors will know if their bets are winning or not. But aside from sports betting, SlotsnBets is also known for its over 400 sports games. It also has plenty of bonuses up for grabs to its members and online bettors.

Though this online betting site is not on Gamstop, it has an area in its site where it reminds bettors to apply responsible gaming at all times.

Horse Racing not on Gamstop

Horse racing has been on betting games, even from way back. And now, it is even more popular and accessible because of the online betting sites. In fact, there are already tons of non-Gamstop horse racing betting sites that bettors can easily access. Among these are Harry’s Sportsbook and BetNow Racebook.

NGS betting

When choosing for a non-Gamstop betting site for horse racing, it is important that bettors look into the number of horse racing events that the site carries. The site should also offer bonuses that can be used on horse racing betting. With plenty of racing events, bettors will not run out of games to bet on. They will also get to place bets on different tournaments where they can play their strategies on betting.

When betting on horse racing, bettors should still keep in mind that they will not be reminded how much they have already spent for betting since the betting site is not on Gamstop. This should prompt them to practice responsible gaming at all times. Horse racing betting is an addicting game to play. If you do not have the self-control, you will surely spend big time amounts on it which may lead to financial and personal problems.

NGS betting

Features of Sports Betting Sites not on Gamstop

Some bettors have subscribed to self-restricting apps and programs to control themselves on betting but for some, they have their sense of responsibility to control their betting, especially on sports. So, they would often choose sports betting sites that are not on Gamstop. However, they should know the features that a sports betting site not on Gamstop should possess.


The sports betting site should have stable security for its members. The members’ personal information, financial details, betting activities and even documents should be safe and protected from online frauds and scams.

Safe Banking Options

Though it is better to choose a site that offers many banking options, it is best to see whether these options are legit. Legit banking options can also give you protection from any cybercriminals that would want your account as their victim.

Customer Support

A good sports betting site that is not on Gamstop should have effective and accessible customer support. In any case, the bettors experience issues or problems while betting, it is best that they have someone from the betting site to talk to and help resolve their concerns. Customer support should be accessible in different ways, and they should be available 24/7 since bettors can play any time they want.

Compatible with Different Platforms

There are bettors who would like to access the sports they follow through mobile or other platforms. It is then important that the online sports betting site is also accessible in different platforms. This will allow the bettors to keep on betting, even when they are not in the office or at home.


Sports bettors would love to receive bonuses as well, which they can use in their sports betting games. A good sports betting site should have bonuses that are easy to claim and use in sports betting.

Most Popular Sports Games not on Gamstop And where to Find them

1. Win Monaco

winmonaco Logo
Win Monaco is not on gamstop

50.0%50.0%Add block


Football is popular all across the globe, which is why many bettors choose this sport to place their bets on. Sports betting sites not on Gamstop offer different leagues and tournaments on football, so football fans will have lots of options. This is a wide market with sports betting.

Bettors can place bets on the game results, gameplays and even the players. Therefore, sports bettors do not wish to have limits in their betting with football. If you are among the fans of football that would want unlimited betting, then going for non-Gamstop sports betting sites is your best deal.

2. Betswagger

Betswagger is not on gamstop

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is among the most popular and longest running betting sports that the world knows and loves. In fact, when you mention horse racing, people would immediately think of betting. It is exciting, and betting on this sport will even increase the thrills.

There are already lots of online Asian Bookies that offer horse racing betting on Gamstop, since this is an addicting betting game. But for those who wish to play in horse racing gambling sites not on Gamstop, it is important to choose those that are legit and licensed to ensure online security and protection from cybercrimes.

3. CrazyStar 

crazy star casino
Crazy star is not on gamstop


Few people know but tennis is also a favorite sport of many bettors. Tennis betting fans are lucky as there are many online sports betting sites not on Gamstop that cover many tennis tournaments and competitions. These may even happen worldwide, giving bettors lots of options on where they can play bets on tennis.

Aside from the regular bets that bettors can place, there are other types of bets made specifically for tennis that sports betting fans can place and enjoy. With sports betting sites not on Gamstop, tennis can be a year round event for tennis betting fans.


UK gamblers and bettors love the sport of cricket. Though this is not popular in some countries, Cricket in UK has become a favorite not only as a sport but also for betting. If you will check out sports betting sites that are not on Gamstop, it is best to see first if they have cricket in their list of sports betting. Some betting sites do not have cricket, but it is slowly becoming more popular even in countries aside from UK. Therefore, bettors can expect to see more betting sites that offer cricket in their sports betting pages.


Boxing is popular all around the world. Many countries consider this as their main sport. Because of its fame, many bettors also favor it in their betting games. In history, many rich people would place bets on boxing. But because of the online betting sites, more people can place their bets on the different boxing matches. When you choose a sports betting site to place your boxing bets on, it is important to choose one that offers different matches and competitions. It is even better if it caters the more popular matches around the world. This will bring you good deals of bets to play.


Esports is slowly making its way to becoming a big deal in the world of sports betting. Those who play esports already have their own following, making the esports and non gamstop bingo games more popular. This is also the reason more bettors are becoming interested with esports betting. If you want to have the best betting experience on Esports, then you should find an online sports betting site that is not on Gamstop and has plenty of Esports to offer. Their selection should also have many tournaments and competitions, so you can have a lot of choices in placing your bets and more winning possibilities.

Non Gamstop Sportsbook Bonuses

When joining a sports betting site, getting bonuses is an attractive point. In fact, many betting sites increase bonuses to get more new members. The bonuses are also used to increase excitement in the betting games of the site members. There are many sportsbook bonuses that even sites that are not on Gamstop offers. These are:

Red Lion100% Up to $150Panama
Harry’s100% up to €100Curacao
Maximum50% Up to $1000Panama
Fortune Clock225% Deposit MatchCuracao
SlotnBets150% up to €1500Curacao
TigerGaming50% Up to $1000Panama
Top UK Betting Sites not on Gamstop 2021
NGS betting

Where to collect the best Bonuses at gambling sites not listed on Gamstop?

1. Fortune Clock 

fortune clock casino
betting site not on gamstop fortune clock

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is given by most online betting sites, whether on Gamstop or not. This is the site’s way to welcome its new members. This is often given upon the first deposit of the newly registered members.

2. Maximum 

maximum casino
maximum is a non gamstop betting site

No Deposit Bonus

This is a risk-free bonus that is used by betting sites to attract even more new members. This bonus is given once a bettor has completed their registration in the site.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is given to keep the bettors stay loyal to the site. It is given once a bettor has done succeeding deposits. However, not all sports betting sites that are on Gamstop offer this kind of bonus.

3. Crazy Star

crazy star casino
Crazy star is a Bookie not on gamstop

Free Spins

The free spins will be beneficial for bettors who love playing the slots games. Usually, this bonus is received when one has won from their spin. It is a part of their winnings. Free spins will give bettors more free games on the slots.

Types of Bets at Sportsbooks not on Gamstop

Sports betting sites not on Gamstop aim to provide thrilling and fun betting experience to their members and bettors. So, the types of bets that bettors can play are increased in numbers. In sports, there are a lot of bets that can be made and this will boost the excitement that the bettors can feel towards a sport. Here are some bets that bettors can play in sports betting sites not on Gamstop have.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline is a straightforward bet. It is where you choose a team you think will win. This is the most common type of bet offered by sports betting sites not on Gamstop.

Under/Over Bet

This is another common bet in sportsbooks. This is when a number line is set and you have to choose whether the final score will be over or under the set number line. The betting is pretty basic, as you just have to choose between two options.

Scorer Bet

This bet belongs to the special types of bets that not all sports betting sites not on Gamstop offers. But it is also a favorite among sports bettors. This is often offered in sports like football, basketball and even esports where the bettors will pick the player they think will make the highest score.

Tournament/Series Bets

This bet is for those who love following finals matches. This is the time that the bettors can place their bets on who they think will win the series or tournament.

Special Bets

In sports, online betting sites that are not on Gamstop can create any bet they want to offer to their members. Usually, these special bets are based on the sports being played. For instance, in boxing, the sports betting site can offer a bet on who makes the first knockout. There are different special bets being offered, as the betting sites would want to keep the excitement rolling in the sports they cater.

How to Select Safe Bookies not on Gamstop

Sports betting sites not on Gamstop may offer exciting and fun betting experience. However, it is still important to check on the safe betting sites to join to ensure that you are far from becoming victims of cybercrimes, fraud and scams. Here are the things you should look for in a sports betting site not on Gamstop.

LicensedIf you want safe betting and gaming, it is important to join only the licensed and legit online betting sites. Doing excellent research about the site will help you know more if they are licensed or not. Licensed sites will give you protection from online troubles and can offer you a safe and protected online betting.
ReputationFind a betting site that has good reputation within the online betting world. Do not join sites that have a history of disputes, fraud or complaints from its members and even analysts. Again, by doing research online, you will see which sites are clean and carry a good betting reputation.
Functional Customer ServiceIf you want to feel at ease in playing at any online betting site, always check on their customer support. Choose one that is functional and see the reviews whether they are effective, responsive and helpful. Keep in mind that the customer support of a site is the representative of the company. If they respond well, to help you with your concerns, then you are in a good company.
Legit Banking OptionsIf you want safe online betting games, make sure that the betting site only accepts legit banking options. The bank itself will ensure safe transactions between the site and its members. When a betting site uses legit banking options, you can be sure that they are protecting not just your bank information but also your personal information from online scams and frauds.

Advantages of Gambling at Non Gamstop Sportsbooks

There are pros of joining non Gamstop betting sites. And these advantages are enjoyed by many online bettors and gamblers who know how to play their cards very well.

No limit gaming

Since the bettor is not on a self-restricting program, they will not experience any limits on their betting and gaming. The only limit that they have to deal with is their own self-control. With this, they get to enjoy minimum and maximum betting depending on their own limits.

All access to events

There are special events that sites have. But sometimes, those sites on Gamstop set limit on who among their members can be eligible to play in these events. When a betting sites not on Gamstop, the members can have all the access to all the events that the site will have.

Can play in all the games

Some games on the site are not offered to members who have reached their betting limits. This happens when you are in a betting site that is on Gamstop. But with non-Gamstop sites, all games can be played. This means you get to have more games and more chances of winning.

International players are accepted

Those betting sites that are non-Gamtop do not have a license from UKGC and are independent betting sites. With this, their operations are not limited to UK players only. They can accept international bettors and gamblers from US and even Asia and other continents.

More currencies

Since the non Gamstop betting sites accept international players, they also cater other currencies to give their members a hassle free deposits and withdrawals.

Eligible for all bonuses

Since players in non Gamstop betting sites have all access to the games and events, they can also be eligible to all bonuses that the site will offer and currently has. This brings them more perks in playing the various games offered by the betting site.

How is Gamstop Helping the UK Online Sports Betting Industry

Gamstop has been a vital element in the online gambling industry in the United Kingdom. For UK online betting sites, it has been a compulsory action to be with Gamstop in order to be licensed by UKGC. With this, UK betting sites are all with Gamstop.

Gamstop has helped the UK online sports betting industry as its reputation for responsible gaming has increased tremendously. When betting sites are recognized with Gamstop, bettors quickly trust the betting site as they know that it is licensed and will help them play betting and gambling, but with control.

Another thing is that the UK online sports betting industry has improved in its number of members and bettors because more players have become cautious with their betting. Many players prefer the self-restriction that they can get from Gamstop, especially if they already had issues with gambling.

For players and gamblers who needed control and regulation in gambling, registering in betting sites on Gamstop is important. This is why UK online gambling industry has become popular. Some players would want to be sure that they will not overspend their money on gambling, which is why they prefer joining online betting sites that are on Gamstop for better control.
E-mail[email protected]
Phone Number0800 138 6518
Participating Companies186+
Not Covered Bookies20+
Exclusion Period6 months, 1 Year, 5 years

Differences Between Gamstop and Non Gamstop Betting Sites

There are quite a few differences in betting sites that are on and not on Gamstop. The choice on which site to join depends on the players themselves. It is like choosing between betting with breaks and limitless betting. Most players who know self-control and responsibility go for non Gamstop sites while those who wish for betting control go for the other. Here are the differences between the Gamstop and non Gamstop online betting sites.

Registration Procedure

As with the experiences of many players, registering in a non Gamstop betting site is a lot easier and simpler. Joining sites that are not on Gamstop is hassle-free. With sites that are on Gamstop, one needs to go through lots of verification procedures before they could complete the process.

Access to Events and Games

Betting sites have different events to share to their members. In a betting site on Gamstop, when a member already has reached their limit, they will not be invited or given access to the events. This also goes with the different games offered by the site. There is always limited access in a betting site on Gamstop. But as for non Gamstop betting sites, everything is open and everyone is welcome. There are no limits on the events that one can join and no limits on the games that they can play.

Limits on Deposits

For betting sites on Gamstop, a limit amount of deposit is set for its members. This is to regulate and control their betting. It is a way of the program to ensure that no one goes beyond their spending bankroll in betting. But for betting sites not on Gamstop, deposits can be limitless. Members can deposit up to the maximum amount accepted by the betting site. This means that members of non Gamstop betting sites can play more games with more chances of winning.

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Can UK players bet at non gamstop betting site?

Yes, UK players can play at non Gamstop betting sites. Though the non Gamstop betting sites cannot promote in the UK because of license issues, there are still betting sites that accept UK players. Non Gamstop betting sites accept international players, including UK players.
If players from UK would not want the Gamstop program to take the control on their betting, then it is usual for them to look for betting sites that are not on Gamstop even if it does not have the UKGC license. This makes non Gamstop betting sites open for all who would like to play online betting and gambling.

Are non gamestop bookies safe?

No one can really answer this right away, and it is best to test it themselves. You can bet small amounts first and see how much support and efficiency you can get from the betting site.
So, it is best that you go for non Gamstop betting sites that are well recommended by bettors and analysts. This way, the risk is lesser and you can be sure that other players have already seen that the site is safe. You can first do good research to know which non Gamstop betting sites are recommended by many. There are tons of articles and blogs that you can read online for this information.

What are the best betting sites not on gamstop?

There are quite a few non Gamstop betting sites that emerge when the word ‘best’ is mentioned. It is because players will always have different likes and dislikes, and their ratings on the sites may vary.
However, there are usual betting sites that come out when this topic is discussed. A few non Gamstop betting sites that are mentioned to be in the ‘best’ category are SlotsnBets, Harry’s, Bet Swagger, Red Lion and Royal Oak. There are other betting sites that can be fitted in this category. Again, if you want to join only the best sites, then doing your research will help you land on the betting site fitted for your preferences.

Sports Bookies not with Gamstop Conclusion

Non Gamstop betting sites are becoming popular as many players find playing in it more fun and exciting since they can bet limitless. These betting sites are licensed but are independent sites. Players that join these betting sites can be assured that they can play betting and gambling in a safe and protected betting environment.

There are a few reasons non Gamstop Asian Bookies continue to rise in popularity these days. It is because its betting sites continue to improve the number and quality of games they offer, and it can also banner safe and secured banking options.

Players these days look to enjoy what the betting site can offer to them. If self-control and responsibility in gaming is the issue, there are already lots of players who can attest that they can manage their own betting and will not need to register in betting sites that have self-restricting programs.

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