Do Live Casinos Enhance the Experience?

The past few years have seen the incredible growth of the live casino genre as newer games and being brought into the fold and existing classics continue to grow in popularity, for some no other game quite compares and going back to playing regular games is a thing of the past for them, but some others don’t see the entire appeal of the genre and would prefer some old favourites to be updated and put back into the mix. But do these live options provide something different, and can they enhance the online gaming experience?

For some, the approach bridges the gap between the traditional offline experience and the newer online experience, the feeling of tactility with a real person on the other end handling the cards and handling table for example makes the transition that much easier than straight to full machine-based playing – this is something more aimed towards those players who haven’t explored online options much before and may not be used to the way things are done. In a similar vein, players that don’t entirely trust AI or the mechanisms behind online play may feel more at ease with a live dealer, being able to physically see what is happening can make the world of difference and make this experience much more enjoyable to those who would prefer it to be this way.

For other players, it’s all about the social experience – being welcomed to the table by a person on the other end and having some narration during the play session changes the way they might play the game and may make it more enjoyable – this also means having the opportunity to be more social with other players who join the table too which leads to a very different environment for social play. This is something that has been suggested as the next big step forward for many online casinos as social interaction could make up a huge part of the future for these titles, particularly with newer technologies like virtual reality looking to make a huge change, but also as something that will continue to help some players transition from the land-based options that had previously been their home to the online options which are replacing them.

Live casinos as a whole have been a very successful innovation and change for online platforms and have offered something very different, as more games get added to the potential list for live options, coverage will grow for players looking for different games and take advantage and many players already see the huge benefits and enhanced experience that live casinos have come to offer in a short period of time.

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