English sides dominant in Europe

Two big European cups are on the line over the next few days with the combination of three different English sides – the first comes tonight at 20:00 BST as Manchester United go for their second Europa League title against Villarreal competing for their first, and the weekend brings the Champion’s League final as an English winner is assured with Manchester City taking on Chelsea. But with British sides have been the most dominant across Europe and other big events too?

Liverpool tops the list for number of wins – With a storied history of success in not only European but also worldwide tournaments too, with a total of 14 – although the side haven’t been able to find a huge amount of success recently with only three of those wins coming in over the last decade, and securing the 2018-19 Champion’s League cup too, their third to boot. With a finish third in the Premier League too, Liverpool is still looking quite strong amongst the British sides, and many fans will certainly be hoping for some international competition once again in the near future. 

Manchester United come in at second – With 8 European and worldwide competition wins under their belt, their a little further off the top spot than many fans may hope to find  them – and matching Liverpool with only one European tournament win in the past decade after securing the Europa League cup back in 2017 after beating out Ajax. They’ll be hoping to secure their second Europa League title this weekend, being the fourth team to win more than once, if they’re able to get through the Spanish side of Villarreal who certainly will be looking to put up a fight. They’re certainly looking on form too having already had some great results throughout the Europa League, so there’s ample opportunity to get themselves one closer to the top spot.

Chelsea sitting at third have a good opportunity too – The best of the bunch recently finding three European wins over the past decade back in 2012, 2013, and recently in 2019 too, but only sitting at six total – with an opportunity to secure another title with their second Champions League title after winning back in 2012. It will certainly be a tough fight to take the title with Manchester City winning the Premiere League this year and looking to be on good form, but a win will certainly help Chelsea secure their place as one of the most dominant English sides in Europe.

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