How Have Online Casinos Changed in the Past 5 Years?

If the pandemic throughout 2020 and 2021 had shown anything, it was just how much could change in a relatively short period of time and this was particularly true for the casino industry as online options had started to thrive with the temporary closures of brick and mortar locations and rules and regulation in places like the US changed at an increasing rate to introduce online options too – but what other major changes have come to online casinos over the past five years as a short time frame, but had a profound impact?

Live dealers first starting to emerge – It’s rare to see an operator not have a long list of different live casino games on offer through various online casinos these days and they’ve even become amongst the most popular choices too – but that wasn’t always the case. Options were seen in a familiar fashion back in the late 2000’s, but it has only really been over the past five years or so where live dealer games and the like as we know them today have become present, they’ve helped bring a new real-life interaction for players who preferred offline options and have changed how many players approach online casino games today too.

Introduction of cryptocurrency payment options – Another major change in recent years has been the introduction of cryptocurrency as a payment method following the boom of Bitcoin – it has become a go to for players looking to stay anonymous and for online casinos looking to expand their payment options too and there are some great choices for different coins that are more manageable too – with blockchain looking to become an integral part of tech in the future, it wouldn’t be surprising to see online casinos introduce different options here too as crypto options expand.

Safety & security changes have been plenty – As the different gambling commissions have become more involved and legislation changes have created different rules too, online casinos are safer than they’ve ever been and this has been shown with changing player attitudes also as many are more willing to play at online services than have been before – this is still something most operators are trying to improve and strive towards too, but changes over the past five years here have been critical in delivering online casinos to a wider number of players.

There’s certainly still a long way to go but online casinos are bigger than they’ve ever been with numbers only increasing – with forecasts looking very promising for iGaming services as a whole, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that growth will slow any time soon.

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