How to get a fair deal at casinos not on Gamstop

Using an online casino is in many ways just like using any kind of online retail site. You sign up to use the service and you keep an eye on where your money is going. We’re all aware that giving financial details online is considered to have an element of risk involved, but that in the main it’s really no more risky than most other financial transactions. Nonetheless, it’s always good to be vigilant.

When it comes to online casinos, there is always going to be that extra element of caution involved, due to public perception of online gambling. When it’s overseas or offshore online gambling, that level of vigilance is stepped up. Fairly or unfairly, people assume that transacting overseas is more risky and more open to abuse. As a consequence, people will go to more effort to ensure that they are getting a fair deal. If you want to be confident of getting treated fairly at a non Gamstop casino, then it is wise to follow the instructions below.

Always check for a licence

This has to be your first step. It’s not 100% certain that a casino with a licence will treat you fairly, but they certainly have an incentive to not mess you about. A licensed casino that fails its customers can lose that licence, and that makes it unable to legally operate. An unlicensed casino has a lot less to lose, and if a casino hasn’t gone to the effort of securing the necessary licence, it is reasonable to be dubious about their operation. Why wouldn’t they get a licence? It doesn’t even matter if there is a good reason (there never is), you should only have your safety in mind.

Check out their online footprint

Every online casino has its supporters and its detractors, and let’s be honest – if it’s online, then it will have a paper trail of those supporters and detractors. So you should certainly read online reviews of the casino you are checking out to see what reviewers are saying. Over and above that, though, don’t be afraid to check its socials. If people are ripping a casino to shreds on Twitter, chances are these are people talking at their most unfiltered. You can often ignore one person saying something on social media – let’s face it, a lot of people will say anything on social media – but if there is a consensus, bear that in mind.

Don’t deposit too much to begin with

Until you are comfortable with an online casino, you should avoid putting too much money into the account you have on the site. This is for multiple reasons, but one of the most important is that if you have a criticism to address with the casino, you don’t want to be doing it while they are holding on to your money. If this does happen to be a less reliable casino, you want to have every weapon possible available to you, and if they have hundreds of pounds of your money, you’re reasonably going to be inclined not to raise too much of a fuss. Go little and often until you’re sure about them, and don’t be afraid to raise a stink if they’re falling short.

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