Huge Opportunity for US Sports Betting Operators

The past four years have been hugely influential in the US sports betting market following the announcement for the Supreme Court to allow states to individually decide their own laws regarding online betting and online gambling – since then, a large number of states have introduced new legislation to make popular options more available, as many others are currently going through the process of passing their own laws on the matter in order to bring legal online sports betting and in some cases legal online casinos to a growing number of players. This next weekend could also represent a huge opportunity for US sports betting operators with the biggest sporting event of year taking place.

The Super Bowl will see the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals face off with the Rams currently coming in as the clear favorite – with plenty of stats around those who have won and lost in recent years, all most fans can do is hope that some stats ring true, but the real winners of the event may look to be the operators who may largely be recovering from quite a tough year. Despite the growing popularity of sports betting around the country many operators have been struggling on the stock market as many gambling stocks have been seeing a small drop – it comes at a time where many players have been looking to return to brick-and-mortar options, or difficulty comes around regulations that haven’t changed quickly enough for those hedging their bets on a specific state to welcome options.

New York could be the biggest opportunity here – as the fourth most populous state in the country it stands to see tremendous gains from its own launch of online sports betting which will be ready for the Super Bowl – so far, a number of different online sportsbooks have been approved for rights in the state and some others may yet emerge, but as an opportunity for some of the bigger sportsbooks to recover from a tough year or two, this could be vital.

More than anything the big opportunity could come for the states that have yet to legalise online sports betting – if figures emerge following the Super Bowl that are as impressive as are hoped with some experts suggesting it could be the single most successful sporting event in American sports history, then it may encourage others to get on board and welcome change too, something that would only continue to speed the introduction of online gambling, betting, and wagering to the US market on a wider scale.

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