Skill vs Chance; Difference for Casino Games

Casino games all have one thing in common – odds. The chances of winning and losing can often be defined between player and house advantage, and the reason casinos have always been so profitable is because many games tend to tip in favour of the house, but there are some games that have typically been more skill oriented with less of a reliance on random chance, and some that will always be completely random – so how can players identify the two, and ensure they’re choosing one with the better edge?

Games of chance will always be the options where the player has little or no control over the course of the game – slots and roulette are two great examples here. When a player spins the slots or chooses where the roulette ball may land, they then have no control over the outcome – slots will rely on software to determine where they end, and a casino employee will spin the roulette taking any control away. As there’s no way to influence these games, it’s all down to the odds for a win or loss.

Games of skill typically have encompassed anything where other players are involved, most notably games like Poker – Blackjack may have fit into this category in the past but with changes to the shoes that hold the deck, it’s much less reliable to be a skilled player here. Taking part in games of skill will certainly increase chances of winning, but with other equally or more skilled players also taking part, it becomes similar to the games of chance and house edge, and discovering where odds of winning fit in.

It’s definitely important to know the differences here before getting started, and whilst it can be quite obvious there may be some games that catch players by surprise where skill can play as a big advantage – it can also change the way many players approach the games too, as tips for improving or getting better winning odds may be more suited to games of skill and not so much to games of chance, with the opposite also being true for other tips. With such a huge amount of variety in games on offer and the different options they also have, reading up ahead of time can be a great way to better understand the games and to also get the most out of them so whether or not it’s a game of skill or a game of chance that’s being explored, find out how to get the most advantage out of either.

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