Technology and its Impact for Online Casinos

Gaming platforms have went through a huge amount of change in a relatively short period of time, from the rise of arcade machines in the 80’s as a niche option, to dedicated devices at home through the 90’s and 2000’s, to a gaming machine in the pocket of nearly every individual as mobile gaming has  taken over as the most popular option available – but how has technology changed gaming as a whole, and what impact has this had for online casinos?

Mobile gaming has certainly had this biggest impact – Speaking of the emergence of mobile gaming over the past decade, it has certainly been the change to enable online casinos to grow much in the way they have. As mobile devices have changed from the initial goal of becoming as small as possible, modern ‘phablets’ have been designed with media consumption and gaming in mind and online casinos have certainly been able to benefit from this. Whether having dedicated applications from the emergence of app stores back in 2008, or the successes of operators who have set up dedicated casino sites, the accessibility brought about by mobile options has allowed players to simply tap open their favourite online casino option and play in comfort, before simply tapping  the app or site closed when they’re done and has been the biggest change to help online casinos grow.

Connectivity has played just as important a role – Just as the gaming devices and games themselves have changed, the connectivity required to play them has too – options such as live dealers require a better connection to keep things running smooth and to get the best possible experience too. Combine this with growing options in live streaming and the ability to share your gaming options too it requires the better connection to do so. With 5G arriving shortly too, it’ll be something that allows for online casinos to deliver even bigger features, particularly with the arrival of possible future options in gaming too.

Extended reality could be the next big step forward – For some time now, virtual reality has been dubbed as the next big step forward in gaming particularly for developing a more social gaming space where players can interact with each other – and online casinos may certainly look to utilize this technology in the near future too. With the success of live dealers delivering this in part, it could become a realistic casino experience from the comfort of your own home without the need to travel to a brick and mortar location for a relatable experience.

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