Top 3 Sports for Betting Worldwide

With sports betting on the rise seeing a huge surge of new players and options for being able to do so through the growing number of applications of websites dedicated to sports betting, both well established options and new names have been on the rise, but which sports do the best on the global stage as the most bet options worldwide?

Horse racing sits at the top – As an industry that has become synonymous with gambling, horse racing has certainly been one of the most popular sports to bet on throughout history, but now has cemented itself in the top position for most bet sports worldwide. It’s one of the few sports that you’re able to bet on 24/7 with races continuously going on around the world, and with some of the biggest prize money races taking place throughout the year too there are always options to win big. Japan still remains as the biggest horse betting market, closely followed by the likes of the UK and Australia too – the USA is quickly catching up, as legislation changes have allowed for betting to become more common, it could be a betting options quickly stepping forward to become the most popular in the country too.

Esports is growing extremely quickly – Having only really emerged as a popular betting option over the past couple of years, the past eighteen months have certainly helped to grow the audience as the initial postponement and cancellation of sporting events led many to turn towards esports. Bookmakers are having to quickly scramble to pick up esports as an offering or risk falling behind, and with some of the biggest viewers capturing hundreds of millions of viewers. With gaming representations across a huge variety of genres too, there’s a market that’s attractive for everyone, and it has why esports has been able to grow so quickly as the diversity means plenty of options for all viewers.

Cricket is a surprising one for many – Whilst not a sport that is commonly considered to be the most popular in many countries, it has an absolutely enormous following in the east with India, Australia, and New Zealand being huge fans of the sport, so much so that it is slowly starting to grow in other countries like the UAE too. Being the de facto national sport of India, it has a huge fan base and with that comes an enormous betting market too, although it’s difficult to gain an accurate representation as although sports betting is legal in India, many of the biggest operators from the west aren’t represented or able to publish numbers – despite this it has allowed cricket to absolutely thrive as a betting option, and one that still shows hope in the west  too.

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