Top 5 Games of 2021

Whilst picking out the top games of any year can always be difficult as the choice is subjective, anticipated releases can always offer a good look at some of the top games of the year, and with some huge releases packed in for the end of 2021, here are what some may consider to be the top 5 games on offer for 2021.

Battlefield 6 – Set to release in October of this year on the latest generation of consoles and on the PC, the latest in the Battlefield series is set to deliver on a new modern warfare gaming title once again – with recent titles taking a step back in time with WW1 and WW2 inspired games from Battlefield One and Battlefield 5, fans will certainly be excited to welcome back some modern fighting. Releasing just in time for Christmas, it will certainly be one of the top games of 2021, and displaying exactly what the game engine can be capable of.

Monster Hunter Rise – Having released in March, Rise became the latest in the Monster Hunter franchise that gained a huge amount of popularity after World released on the PC. The game had a debut release on the Switch but is expected to move to other platforms later on, and by boasting on fewer loading screens and more open areas, for some it’s slowly becoming the open world monster hunting title that many love. It has received raving reviews already, and those will likely only continue when it finds release elsewhere too.

Halo Infinite – Although the game experienced a number of delays to release during the pandemic, at both E3 and recently the devs have confirmed they’re committed to see a holiday release for this year but could still be delayed. Despite that, Halo holds a special place in the heart of many gamers, and just on name and brand alone it will certainly be one of the top releases of the year if it is able to find a release and will continue to deliver Halo content for a while to come.

It Takes Two – This puzzle-based couch co-op was a huge hit on release and proved there’s still plenty of action to be found from the genre which had been struggling in recent years – with each level being as unique as the one before and exciting challenges that push players to be creative, it’s another of the top games for the year that looks to push the boundaries on what players have come to expect from couch co-op titles.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Remakes and re-imaginations of older games has been a theme for quite some time now, and the recreation of this 1997 classic was met with huge enthusiasm – with another release for the next generation of consoles and the first smaller expansion being received so well, and one of the first big titles to find a release on the new consoles, it sits itself toward the top of the games released this year.

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