UK Operators to See Terms and Conditions Changes

Having been hit with a large number of changes over the past few years, UK based operators will be no stranger to having to adjust their services sooner rather than later and players will be more than used to accepting the new terms and conditions that have come with these changes too. The UKGC have recently unveiled their next set of changes, whilst no date has been set for when operators will have the adhere to these changes, it’s likely that many operators will look to get these changes in place sooner rather than later to be ahead of any deadline that may be put in place at a later date. But where are some of these changes being targeted?

Rewards, bonuses, and marketing requirements – The promotions section of any online casino are amongst their most popular pages, but some of the wording on these pages can be ambiguous at best. The latest package of changes will have online platforms to review these pages and ensure more clarity – it comes with the statement that compliance is to ensure gambling is provided fairly and openly, and any ambiguity in the language for offers or bonuses could fall out of this compliance – this also extends to wagering requirements too which for new players in particular can often be something of a pitfall as understand exactly what they mean isn’t always easy.

Terms & Conditions updates – In addition to promotions, online casinos must now also be able to prove that terms and conditions are provided in this similar level of transparency in a fair and open manner. In like with the Consumer Rights Act of 2015, these terms must be as transparent as possible and that players must be made aware of and notified of any material changes to the terms long before they come into effect.  For some services this may be quite a substantial change as it doesn’t only mean changes to wording in the T&C’s, but also in how new packages or options are rolled out across the platform too.

Other changes are also an expansion on the late 2021 changes that targeted wagering and the ability for players to bet money that had already been requested for withdrawal – the expansion means that operators will need to have a more ironclad reason for confiscating customers’ un-stake deposits as it’s currently in a bit of a great area, whilst also looking at the treatment of customers funds where an operator may believe foul play could be at hand whether through fraudulent or illegal methods. This required change has yet to be expanded upon too much.

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