What Are Wagering Requirements?

A recent post took a look at the different types of online casino bonuses on offer and which players may benefit the most from them, and something that had been noted was in the different terms and conditions that are typically attached to the many types of bonuses of offer. One of the big terms is shown as a wagering requirement and will feature prominently through different terms and conditions, but what exactly are they, and why will they matter to the players trying to understand what the wagering requirements mean for them?

In the most simplistic terms, wagering is the act of making a better – one sin on the slot machines or one hand in blackjack is the act of placing a wager and makes up the majority of actions that are made at an online casino – this is where the tie comes to different promotions and why it’s important to understand wagering requirements before looking to take advantage of these bonuses as most will come with the requirement that a certain wagering requirement is met before the bonus is granted, or before any withdrawal is possible – some services will offer a much lower limit here, but others will require a higher wagering limit.

Some sites will try to state wagering bonuses in a different way however, things like rollover or playthrough requirements are just wagering requirements stated in a different way so it’s important to keep an eye out for this too in order to not get caught out – these are often stated quite clearly beneath any bonus, but some many need to have the conditions dug through a little more to be shown in a more clear way.

There’s some simple math that can be done to help here – if the bonus amount is for £20, and the wagering requirement being 30x the bonus, then just multiply them together. In this instance, the total bet required to benefit from a bonus would be for £600 – betting higher closes this gap further, and smaller bets will take a much longer time to get through. It’s also important to note here that betting higher doesn’t necessarily mean a better approach, as it also means that deposited funds may run empty quicker too.

Keeping wagering requirements in mind when looking at any online casino certainly has its benefits and finding the bonuses with much lower wagering requirements can have a big impact on winnings and may lead to a bigger pot at the end of a session. Wagering requirements are certainly here to stay so getting a better understanding of them early and using that knowledge to find the best advantages will provide the best possible experience too.

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