Why Casino Sites Are More Prevalent than Apps

Whilst online casinos sites are popping up all over the place with operators keen to launch new sites, dedicated applications are like finding a needle in a haystack and those that do offer this certainly stand out amongst the others. At a time where apps are so popular particularly with betting options, what is it that prevents the launch of apps and more towards dedicated websites instead, and will casino apps look to emerge in growing numbers following recent change?

App development takes time, and considerable cost – Whilst it may be prudent to invest in launching a dedicated app, it takes lots of time and plenty of cost too to get right – sites are easily constructed and put together in a relatively short period of time, many come templated with only small changes needed, but apps can be very different especially when getting it right. Particularly for smaller operators or those acting independently, getting an app out there isn’t as simple as sticking to a website, and may discourage those from seeking out these alternative options.

A high tax may not have been worth it – Since their inception, both the app store from Apple and Play marketplace from Google had subject apps to a 30% tax on all sales through their terms and conditions, this is a considerable price to pay particularly with smaller or medium sized deposits and a hard cost to cover for smaller operators especially. Whilst there are still some fees charged through certain payment vendors, the cost is often much lower, and a much easier pill to swallow – there has been a recent change that has seen this cost come down, and this may be enough to encourage some online casinos to make the change as the 30% for some has been reduced to 15% or even lower in some instances, a huge difference.

They often come with a lot of maintenance – Making a change to the website for new promotions, new games, or an overhaul in look or design can be very straight forward, and come without much cost too, but making these same changes to apps requires a development team again with additional cost and time requirements. Where the key difference between one service or another is speed to implement new changes, sticking to a website approach brings that speed without the downsides and for many will remain a reason why apps aren’t a wider spread option yet.

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