Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

Bingo has been a well-loved game by many people even from way back. And these days, this game has levelled up as it can be played online. There are online bingo sites that are with self-restricting applications or programs like Gamstop especially those that are licensed by UKGC. Gamstop and other self-restricting programs and applications aim to prevent bettors, gamblers and players from overspending on their games. This sets control on the betting and gambling of players.

But because of the restriction, many players prefer playing in bingo sites not on Gamstop. There are now lots of bingo sites that opt not to be on Gamstop and this allows players to play online bingo continuously but under their own betting control. Therefore, the popularity of bingo sites not on Gamstop becomes bigger online all across the United Kingdom.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the following aspects to do with Bingo sites not on Gamstop:

  • List of the top-rated Bingo sites not covered by gamstop
  • Bingo Sites Product offering
  • Non Gamstop Bingo Bonuses
  • Bingo Patterns at Non Gamstop Bingo Sites
  • Pros and Cons of Non Gamstop Bingo
  • Variation of Bingo Not on Gamstop
  • Why are Bingo Sites Joining Gamstop
  • Banking Options at Bingo Sites Not on Gamstop
  • Answeres to Common Questions regarding bingo sites without Gamstop

Read on to find out more about Non Gamstop Bingo in UK

Number of Bingo sites Reviewed41
Recommended Non-Gamstop Bingo22
Highest % Deposit Match525%
Highest £ Bonus£6000
Types of Gambling SitesBingo Sites
Types of PatternsWindmill, Center Block, Four Corners, Blackout
Bingo not listed on gamstop information

Below is the full list of Bingo Sites not registered with gamstop.


1. SlotsNBets

slots n bets

800% UP TO £3000

New release in Jan 2021. 200% up to £1000 on 1st Deposit + SporteBetting

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10⭐️

2. Royal Oak

Royal Oak Casino

100% UP TO £1000

New release in Dec 2020. 100% up to £1000 on all Deposits + 1-2 Day Cashout

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10 ⭐️

3. The Red Lion

red lion casino logo

750% UP TO £3000

New release in Oct 2020. 400% up to £800 First Deposit Bonus + Includes Netent Slots!

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10 ⭐️

4. Admiral Shark

Admiral Shark


New release in November 2020. Great Welcome Package on your 3 first deposits!

⭐️Overall score: 9.7/10 ⭐️

5. Harry’s

harrys casino

650% UP TO £5000

New release in Sept 2020. 300% up to £2000 First Deposit Bonus + Includes Betting Site

⭐️Overall score: 9.8/10 ⭐️

6. Fortune Clock

fortune clock casino

225% + 225 FREE SPINS

Top non gamstop Casino of 2020. Triple Welcome Bonus with 650+ games from top software providers

⭐️Overall score: 9.5/10 ⭐️

7. Magic Reels

magic reels


Well known Casino in the UK with top game providers and a huge % deposit welcome package

⭐️Overall score: 9.6/10 ⭐️

8. Crazy Star

crazy star casino

UP TO £2000

Top security, Available for players from the UK With the biggest welcome deposit match in the game

⭐️ Overall score: 9.8/10 ⭐️

9. Jackpot Charm

jackpot charm


New site with huge 500% Deposit Match! Fun theme & Ideal for Mobile

⭐️ Overall score: 9.2/10 ⭐️

10. Maximum

maximum casino

200% UP TO €3400

A new top-rated platform with Massive game selection and Generous bonuses 

⭐️ Overall score: 9.4/10 ⭐️

11. Vegas Wild

Vegas wild casino

300% + 50 FREE SPINS

Launched in May with Progressive Jackpots and great promos for UK players + VIP care

⭐️ Overall score: 9.0/10 ⭐️

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Looking for the Best non Gamstop Bingo sites?

There are many bingo sites that are not on Gamstop and have become favorites among online bingo players. These sites continue to provide players the most exciting bingo games they can play at an environment where the players can play safely and continuously.

Here are some top bingo sites not on Gamstop.

UK BingoRatingMin Deposit
Red Lion5/5€20
Fortune Clock5/5€20
Jackpot Charm4.5/5€20
Best Bingo not on Gamstop 2021

1. The Red Lion 

red lion games
Red Lion is off gamstop

Red Lion is among the many non gamstop casinos and bingo sites that are not on Gamstop that have a huge population. Its members continue to rise in numbers because of its good reputation with their security, quality of games, and good services.

It is well-known for its exciting slots games, but it also has bingo games that will surely bring in fun to the betting experience of its members. The bingo games that Red Lion has features more attractive appearance with so much action, sounds and colors. This brings a whole new bingo to its members and players.

Also, the bingo games are given unique twists to make it even more thrilling. These are the reasons more players and members prefer playing bingo and other casino games at this online casino site, not on Gamstop.  Aside from casino and bingo games, the site also has Esports and bonus games that members can play and enjoy.

2. Royal Oak

royal oak welcome
non gamstop Royal Oak

Royal Oak banners its user-friendly site that will bring a hassle-free gaming experience to its members. This site is compatible with all platforms, making it accessible to everyone no matter where they are.

Aside from its friendly interface, it is also proud of its plenty of games offered. From the classics to the new and fresh ones, members easily get to love playing on this site. It may be known for its casino and slots games, but it is also becoming popular for its exciting bingo games.

The bingo games are playable in an easy to navigate environment, making it fun and hassle-free. There are also tons of bonuses being offered by this site. There are bonuses that can be used to have extra games and spins.

This non Gamstop bingo site is preferred by many online players and bettors because of its safe and protected services that will keep their members away from cyber crimes.

3. Harry’s 

harrys casino
Harry’s is without gamstop

Harry’s is known for its fresh online casino games. It carries around over 2000 games that its members can play and enjoy. This non Gamstop casino site is also known for its strict security as it aims to provide its players safety and protection against cyber crimes especially those concerning their financial accounts.

Harry’s is among the trusted names in the online gambling industry and has been providing online bingo that everyone can enjoy. Its bingo games are given fresh ideas to make it even more exciting. Players find themselves engaged in these bingo games because of its screen appeal and impressive graphical design.

Best of all, this online site has bonuses to give to its players. These bonuses can be used as extra free games, more money or points. These are just a few reasons Harry’s Casino is well-liked and preferred by many online bingo players.

Non Gamstop Bingo Sites Product offering

The different software providers handle the different non Gamstop bingo site product offerings that players enjoy. For most online bingo sites not on Gamstop, the most common product offering is the pattern bingo. There are many patterns that can be made and offered in the game of bingo. So, online bingo sites can have lots of bingo games for its members. In fact, bingo fans will never run out of patterns to play. The best thing about it is that every pattern can have a corresponding winning. The most common bingo patterns offered in most online bingo sites not on Gamstop are:

  • Windmill
  • Center Block
  • Four Corners
  • Blackout
  • Diagonal Straight

Aside from the patterns, the number of balls to be played also varies. There are bingo games with 30, 75 and 80 balls. More balls mean harder patterns to play. Through the product offerings that bingo has, more players flock to the online bingo sites. And with this, bingo sites not on Gamstop create more twists and thrills.  Through these exciting bingo games, online bingo sites continue to increase popularity, making it among the most preferred games in many online casino and betting sites that are not on Gamstop.

non gamstop bingo

Non Gamstop Bingo Bonuses

It is known that online bingo sites not on Gamstop shower their members and players with bonuses. The bonuses are used to attract even more members to register and join the bingo site. There are different bonuses that players can get from non Gamstop bingo sites.

They can use these bonuses to have extra free games in bingo or in other games offered by the site. Among the most common bonuses that a player can get are:

1. Crazyno

Crazyno is not on gamstop

Free Tickets

This bonus is often offered by operators to players so they can experience an online bingo game. It is usually offered when a new bingo game is introduced.

2. Win Diggers

win diggers
Win Diggers is not on gamstop

Cross Product Bonus

This is a bonus that comes from other games. Let us say a player wins in a slots game, the bonus given to them is for a bingo game. This is to invite more players to try the bingo games offered by the non Gamstop bingo site.

3. CrazyStar 

crazy star casino
Crazy star is not on gamstop

Matched Deposit

This is often given to new players and members. Though this is not a usual bonus given in many online bingo sites, there are still some that give it to their members. This bonus gives the players the equal amount of their deposit. This gives the players a lot more bankroll to use in games not limited to online bingo.


Red Lion100% Up to $150Panama
Harry’s100% up to €100Curacao
Maximum50% Up to $1000Panama
Fortune Clock225% Deposit MatchCuracao
Leo Monaco150% up to €1500Curacao
TigerGaming50% Up to $1000Panama
Top UK Betting Sites not on Gamstop 2021

Bingo Patterns at Non Gamstop Bingo Sites

Bingo patterns in non Gamstop bingo sites can be many. In fact, a bingo site can create thousands of patterns to offer in a single bingo game. The pattern variations add fun and excitement to the game, and this invites and attracts more players to enjoy the game of online bingo. These are the most popular bingo patterns that most online bingo sites not on Gamstop have.

Below are some recommended Bingo not registered with Gamstop: 

1. Fortune Clock 

fortune clock casino
Bingo site not on gamstop fortune clock

Multiple Rows

The card that has marked all the numbers in multiple columns or rows will win the game. Traditionally, singular columns or rows can put an end to the game, but to add more twist to the game, most bingo sites offer multiple rows pattern to create more exciting opportunities for many players.

2. Maximum 

maximum casino
maximum is a non gamstop Bingo site

Four Corners

The player will need to get the numbers that are on the four corners to win the game. This is quite fast but can get a lot of players win the game.

Frame Pattern

The player needs to fill out the outer frame of the card to win the game. This is also called the border pattern.

3. Crazy Star

crazy star casino
Crazy star is a Bingo not on gamstop

Full House

For other online bingo sites not on Gamstop, this is called the blackout game. This is where all the boxes are to be filled out. This is often the final game, or it has huge winning amount.

Letter Patterns

This is a bingo pattern where a specific letter should be made. The common letters are I, L, M, W, O, X and others. The operator or game moderator will choose the letter to be played.

non gamstop bingo


Pros of Non Gamstop Bingo

Non Gamstop bingo sites have increased in numbers these days mainly because there are a lot of players that wish to play in a non-self-restricting site. Many players look for a site where they can play and take the control on their own playing and betting without being stopped or reminded by the site. Therefore, non Gamstop bingo sites continue to become famous in the world of online bingo gaming industry. The pros that one can enjoy also add up to the reasons many players prefer non Gamstop bingo sites. Here are some pros of being in a non Gamstop bingo site.

Are you looking for a trustworthy and reliable bingo site that does not restrict Gamstop users? If yes, then you should take note of the bingo sites recommended below:

More promotions

Bingo sites that are not on Gamstop have more promotions, special deals and bonuses. This is to attract more players to join and register in their site. It is also offered to keep members and prevent them from switching to other sites.

2. SuperWins Casino 

super wins casino

International players accepted

Unlike with bingo sites on Gamstop, in non Gamstop bingo sites, international players are accepted. Some non Gamstop bingo sites accept UK and Asia players. This adds more fun as there are more players that can play together.

Nonstop bingo

The aim of joining non Gamstop bingo sites is to play the game limitless. And this is what a player will get. Non Gamstop bingo sites offer no limits bingo games. Players can play as much as they want depending on the limits that they set for themselves. The players are in charge of the restriction that they put on their bingo playing.

Cons of Bingo Not on Gamstop

Though there are lots of players that choose and enjoy playing in non Gamstop bingo sites, there are still disadvantages found in it. These cons can affect the decision of many to join non Gamstop bingo sites.

Limited Features

There are gaming features that are only to be found in bingo sites that are licensed under UKGC such as maximum withdrawal times, 24/7 chat windows, and others. Since non Gamstop bingo sites are not under UKGC, the features that the site can offer can be limited.

Limited deposit options

It is noticeable that non Gamstop bingo sites have lesser options for deposits. UKGC licensed bingo sites have more deposit types and some have all banking methods available.

Lesser bingo types

Non Gamstop bingo sites offer a bit lesser types of games to its players as compared to those sites that are on Gamstop. The range of the games are not too many, and this may put limits on the gaming experience of the players.

No limits warning

For players who have had gambling problems in the past, not being on Gamstop can be a disadvantage as this might push them to go back to their gambling habits again. These players need a constant reminder of how far they have been playing and spending on the games.

This will help them put a stop on themselves and take control of their gaming. If one does not know how to control their betting, gambling or gaming, then joining a non Gamstop bingo site can be a disadvantage.

Variation of Bingo Not on Gamstop

Non Gamstop bingo sites can create tons of variations of the game to bring more fun and excitement to the players. These variations will help bingo sites to give their players the best bingo experience. It will also help in attracting more players and draw them closer to playing bingo. Some bingo variations are:

30-Ball Bingo90-Ball Bingo80-Ball Bingo75-Ball Bingo
This is played using 30 balls and 3×3 bingo cards. This is a fast game and is not commonly offered in many bingo sites, not on Gamstop. However, there are still a few that feature this variation.In this variation, the card is 3×5, and it uses 90 balls. There can be a lot of patterns that can be done in this variation. This is a commonly offered bingo game in most bingo sites.This variation uses a 4×4 bingo card with 80 balls. There is also a wide range of patterns that can be played in this bingo variation.If you are used to playing US bingo, then you would know this by heart. This is the most common bingo type played in the US bingo sites. It uses 5×5 bingo card with 75 balls at hand.
What Bingo Games are not on gamstop?

There are other online bingo sites that create other variations to create more thrills to the game. These variations may have different rates and winnings set by the bingo site. There are bingo sites that charge more for bingo games using more balls as these may lead to longer time of playing.

Why are Bingo Sites Joining Gamstop

There are several reasons online bingo sites join Gamstop. First is to attain the UKGC license which will allow them to offer all of its features to its members and players. Without the UKGC license, some features may go missing in the site and the players will not be able to fully enjoy playing in the site. UKGC allow more features to be used in the bingo site for better functionality and assistance to the members of the bingo site.

Another reason is that bingo sites would want to make sure that no one among their members goes through gambling and betting problems. Everyone knows that playing in casino non aams, betting or bingo sites can be addictive as it offers enjoyment and convenience. Some players get into trouble as they get addicted to it, where they spend excessively into betting leading them to debt and financial troubles. To avoid this from happening, many online bingo sites opt to have Gamstop.

Banking Options at Bingo Sites Not on Gamstop

Non Gamstop bingo sites accept different banking options. Most of these independent online bingo sites have multiple banking options to give their members the choice on which one to use. Players need to choose an online bingo site that has legit banking methods. This is to avoid any cyber crimes in your information, bank account and others. Among the commonly used banking options in non Gamstop bingo sites are:

  • Credit card (MasterCard, Visa)
  • Debit card (MasterCard, Visa)
  • Bitcoin
  • Prepaid Cards
  • E-wallets (Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz)

The bingo site can state which banks they are affiliated with, so players can choose the banking option that they are comfortable using. The options among bingo site not on Gamstop may vary as there are some that do not yet accept credit cards while there are sites that accept many banking options. It is best to look at the banking options list first to ensure that your chosen method to use is accepted in the bingo site that you want to play in. Always go for licensed bingo sites that have legit banking methods at all times. This will help you have a safe and protected bingo gaming in your chosen bingo site, not on Gamstop.


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Are UK bingo sites not on gamstop safe?

Yes, they are. But it is important that you choose the bingo site to join carefully. It is best to do research about the bingo site first before you register. Choose a site that is licensed and legit. This will give you protection against cybercrimes and frauds.
You can also read reviews of the sites so you can see if they are reliable and trustworthy. Though they are not licensed by UKGC, some of them are independent gaming sites that are licensed by a different company and are still considered legit. So, choose the bingo sites that you are joining so you can have a safe bingo experience online.

What are the best bingo sites not on gamstop?

At present, there are tons of online bingo sites not on Gamstop. Their services, games and offers vary and it will be difficult to pinpoint the best and top ones. But if looking at all the elements that each bingo site has, players and analysts can list down a few based on analysis and the ratings given by the players. Here are some of them:
1) Red Lion Casino
2) SlotsnBets
3) Royal Oak Casino
4) Harry’s
5) Million Vegas
There are still tons of good bingo sites not on Gamstop. Players need to find the more reliable ones to ensure that they are playing in a safe and protected bingo environment.

What is a non gamstop bingo site?

A non Gamstop bingo site is an online site that offers casino games. It is not on a self-restricting program or application known as Gamstop. Gamstop puts a halt on a player’s bingo gaming once they have reached their maximum limit of spending and playing. But with a non Gamstop bingo site, there are no limits set for the players. They can play all they want as long as they want to.
However, these online bingo sites not on Gamstop continuously give reminders to its players to do responsible gaming to avoid gambling problems such as addiction, debt or financial troubles.

Bingo sites not with Gamstop Conclusion

Online bingo has become popular, mainly because many people already know how good the game is. The bingo sites have added even more fun and excitement to the game by injecting a few elements and twists. For online players who would want to enjoy all the games and deals that a bingo site has, they would normally go for non Gamstop bingo sites. This is because these bingo sites do not set limit and control to the players. Therefore, players can play bingo as long as they want to.

Some players would find it risky to join non Gamstop bingo sites, but as for those who know how to control their gaming, they can benefit much from these sites. With these non Gamstop bingo sites, players can have access to all of its games, events, and special deals. It is enjoying everything that the bingo site can offer to its members and players.

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