Horse Racing Not On Gamstop


Learn how to bet on horses in the UK without using UKGC betting websites. Profit more from your horse racing betting passion by using internationally licensed websites that offer better bonuses.

Enjoy a world of better customer experience, higher profit margins, and more freedom to bet safely using our betting reviews and tips.

The Sport of the Kings: online horse racing not on Gamstop

If you enjoy the biggest horse racing betting events in the UK, there are more places to bet online than just the UK Gambling Commission regulated sites: you can bet using international platforms that offer things that UK-based horse racing bookmakers just can’t.

Best Sites for betting on Horse Racing 

With so many different sites to choose from, there are certainly some that stand out more than others when it comes to opportunities to bet on racing not on gamstop, some of our favorites include:

Platinum Club VIP Casino

Platinum Club VIP

Although this site is renowned for its casino offerings with a huge number of different games, many players have come to praise the site for its huge range of betting options not on gamstop including live sporting events and esports too. Offering both horse racing not on gamstop as well as Greyhounds too, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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Anonym Bet

Anonym Bet

This casino has built a reputation for being a great choice amongst players in a relatively short amount of time offering Greyhound racing and horse racing not on gamstop alongside its wide selection of other games – offering horse racing betting from races that take place globally, there’s no shortage of races to bet on here.

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Self Exclusion and Horse racing Betting Sites

Horse racing is a gambling product like any other, and horse racing betting sites in the UK are part of the Gamstop service. It’s important to understand that bypassing the government service must be a responsible choice.

Exclusive Horse Racing Bonuses

The regulated scenario of horse racing bookies in the UK is restricted by a series of laws and rules that the Gambling Commission needs to enforce.

Best Horse Racing Sites

In other words, the horse racing sites working with the license of the UKGC must comply with several rules including the limitation of how much they can offer in betting bonuses, as well as other restrictions like betting limits, and affordability checks that go well beyond the usual KYC procedures that are standard practice in the international horse racing betting industry.

Non Gamstop Horse Race sites: Is it Safe to Bet?

The regulated space is a rigid environment. It is hard to obtain gambling licenses in developed countries, and the UKGC license is among the hardest to obtain in the world.

Non Gamstop Horse Racing

It means that the number of options available in the international space is way bigger than within the UK. Not only these horse racing betting sites are more numerous, but they also offer more interesting bonus promotions in contrast with onshore horse racing sites.

Any international website can be considered a Non Gamstop online betting site because the Gamstop service is British. But there are several different types of non UKGC horse racing sites.

Curaçau Licensed Non Gamstop Horse Racing Operators

Some of the most interesting websites to bet outside the UK online space include Caribbean-licensed apps and sites.

The country issues a reputable betting license, but obtaining it isn’t as difficult and expensive as the UKGC license.

That said, not all Curaçau licensed horse racing operators that take horse bets from British punters are great, but you don’t need to worry: we’ll help you discover the best options out there to bet on the British events.

British horse races, international betting sites

It’s important to understand how this works. Popular horse racing events such as Royal Ascot, Cheltenham Gold Cup, Grand National at the Aintree racecourse, The Derby (Epsom), the Oaks, and many other less prestigious, everyday races, are available to the British bettors at international sites, just like at UK horse racing sites.

Horse Racing Not On Gamstop

If you compare it with a football game, it’s easy to understand; you can perfectly bet on sports betting events like a game that takes place in Spain, using a British sports betting site.

Now you understand why and how you can bet on a British horse race using a Caribbean-licensed horse racing betting site.

Advantages of Non Gamstop Horse Racing Sites

As we explained already, the offshore betting sites can offer better, unlimited promotions. In other words, the horse racing sites abroad can fight for the British punters betting volume as hard as they want, and the bonuses are released according to demand-and-supply economics, instead of rigorous betting limits imposed by a governing body like the UKGC.

The bonuses for horse betting certainly are the greatest strength of the non Gamstop horse racing sites as well as sportsbooks and casinos.

Negative Aspects of Non Gamstop Offshore Horse racing betting Sites

There are basically two downsides to this kind of betting app. The first is you need to make sure that you are betting using a trustworthy platform. But this can be easily done if you use the services of professional reviewers that know everything about non Gamstop horse racing bets.

Luckily for the horse racing gamblers, this kind of service can be enjoyed for free at websites like ours. All you have to do is navigate through our website and make the most of the free tips from our experienced horse racing reviewers.

The other negative aspect is some payment methods that are popular on British horse racing websites may not be available at non Gamstop horse racing sites.

Usually, the only method that is quite hard to find is Paypal. Very important methods to the British horse racing bettors, however, such as debit and credit cards, are available to make deposits and withdrawals.

Non Gamstop Horse racing sites: Reputation Over Time.

Any online betting site is subject to changes in its reputation as time passes, and online horse racing bookies are no exception.

There are several aspects of their service that needs to be reviewed every week, and with hundreds of options out there, it’s important to use the services of professional reviewers that spend their 9 to 5 hours doing that for you for free.

How to Choose a Good non Gamstop Horse Racing Site

Our reviewers will approach the customer service for you, they will try to deposit and withdraw using all the payment methods, test the website speed, the performance across different platforms, and many other tasks.

And they will repeat this process all the time to see if the results are the same, especially when it comes to the deadlines for the CS teams to get back to you, as well as the deadlines for withdrawals to be processed.

Withdrawals at Non Gamstop Horse Racing Sites

This is actually another positive note to the Non Gamstop horse racing bookies! Normally, at UKGC sites, you can face heavy KYC procedures before being able to withdraw your winnings, and sometimes even before depositing – this also includes a variety of payment methods like Paypal too!

When it comes to internationally licensed horse race sites, however, things are much easier, all you have to do is prove who you are and the origin of your funds.

In the UKGC sphere of influence, you must also prove that you can afford the stakes that you place. That means sending more documents, longer times to process them and verifying your account before you are able to use the site as well as putting your hands on your winnings.

Live Streaming: Non Gamstop Horse Racing

You will be able to enjoy several races live when you visit and bet with sites outside the UKGC jurisdiction.

The big British races like Royal Ascot and international races such as the Kentucky Derby attract lots of bettors across the globe.

The sites are designed to process horse bets from the entire world, but British punters are among the most important targets of these sites, so you’ll usually find great coverage of live horse races.

Non Gamstop Horse Racing: International Betting Sites – UK Version

British punters will feel at home as the horse racing sites within the Non Gamstop market have versions in British English, as well as dedicated customer support that covers the English time zone.

Horse Racing Betting Odds: Non Gamstop Sites

The competition for the betting volume of British horse racing bettors is big, which means the odds offered by offshore horse racing sportsbooks are very attractive.

If you combine that great market for horse racing odds with the plentiful offers of bonus promotions, you’ll be able to profit a lot more from your horse racing betting.

The odds make a big difference in any kind of betting, recreational or professional, but if you consider all the freedom involved in non-UKGC horse betting sites, you’ll get why so many professional horse race punters focus their activity on these apps and websites!

Professional Horse Race Betting and Non Gamstop Sites

Betting limits are a big problem for professional bettors. And at normal retail operations under the betting license of the UKGC, the problem is even bigger: it has the potential of capping the profits of investors that must make the most of each stake to make a living off horse racing bets.

The offshore horse racing bookies tend to take bigger volumes of bets because of their bigger betting limits. Liquidity is very important to big bookies that process bets of big events like Royal Ascot and the Kentucky Derby.

Let’s learn to combine the best features of Non Gamstop horse racing sites.

Betting Bonuses and Big Limits

There’s a myriad of websites willing to make you their new customer! There are hundreds of welcome bonuses available right now for you.

Some bonuses are better than others, as every bookie, of sports and horse racing, has different terms and conditions to allow you to cash out some profits off their bonuses.

Analysing the Promotions

Our team of sports betting specialists and horse racing bets analyses all new promotions for you to allow you to make the most of the best bonuses out there and avoid wasting time with deposit bonus promotions that have terms that make it almost impossible to be cashed out for real!

Horse Betting Bonuses: Terms and Conditions – UKGC v Non Gamstop

One of the ways that the UKGC and the horse betting sites that operate under these licenses restrict the potential to profit using bonuses is by imposing restrictive terms and conditions.

Sometimes the bonus offering may be interesting, but the rules to actually make a profit are hard to beat.

That set of rules, that is the terms and conditions of the bonus promotions, are often displayed in very small letters at the bookies, and they contain such technical jargon that it can be hard to understand the actual set of rules and dates that affect your capacity to transform that bonus in a betting profit.

Our reviewers, however, are used to reading these terms and conditions and making some sense of that bunch of paragraphs with small letters.

It can be really frustrating to spend a lot of time trying to profit from a horse betting bonus, only to find out that you missed a deadline by hours or bet in the incorrect event or odds.

Our reviewers will help you to avoid the bad bonus traps and focus on the sites that actually allow you to bring home some profits off a freebie.

Non Gamstop Betting Sites: Other Products

Offshore betting sites can offer a lot more than just traditional horse racing events. There’s new stuff like virtual horse racing, and traditional sports betting of football, rugby and other popular sports.

British bettors can also enjoy casino products that often are present at the same sites that have horse racing not on gamstop.

Online Betting Sites: Offshore Products

In this article, we explained how the welcome bonus is a marketing tool that is limited by UK betting sites due to the regulations of the UKGC. UK horse portals must comply with the rules of the gambling authority, and betting not on gamstop in other products has the same advantages as when you place bets on horse racing brands in the UKGC space.

Betting options are a lot more interesting when it comes to non gamstop bookmakers, casinos and horse racing sportsbooks.

Virtual Horse Races

A new product that emerged during the pandemic was the virtual horse racing. This is a product created by software that allows you to place bets on virtual animals and is a recreational product that can’t produce professional UK horse racing betting profits.

Bonuses for Multiple Sectors of a Gambling Site

Horse racing betting is present, more often than not, on websites that have different products. Nowadays, horse racing bet sites hardly ever only operate horses-only products.

That is great news if you like non gamstop betting sites because of casinos and sports too!

As it happens with any UKGC horse racing site, that is located within a larger operation, that is, different tabs of a site containing products like sports betting, UK horse racing, poker, and casinos, it’s possible to receive online gambling bonuses to test different parts of a site.

It’s a common move of gambling sites to send special promotions, for example, to casino fans, to explore new betting options, including horse racing options, just like fans of horse betting may get some free spins to test slots every once in a while.

Betting Experience: free bets at Non Gamstop site

Non Gamstop punters should be especially aware of that as the bonus promotions are more plentiful on that kind of website. In fact, massive bonuses can be offered for users that are curious about different sections of a betting site. Many punters enjoy the chance to discover other sports events using betting promotions for existing customers.

Important Notes About Self-Exclusion

Non Gamstop customers must be aware that they are bypassing the reach of a government service that aims to promote responsible gambling. If you are present at self-exclusion lists before you decide to enjoy the best horse racing betting on a non gamstop site, you need to reflect upon why you joined the self-exclusion list in the first place.

If you believe you are ready to bet without the controls of the Gamstop program which was designed to help UK punters, then you’ll enjoy great betting markets, racing events, and a fantastic betting experience with these sites. But remember, racing events are a part of the gambling industry and that’s why uk punters that focus on horses are also a part of the extent of the self-exclusion Gamstop program. The best horse racing betting is the one that you can afford and which is amusing. Self-exclusion is a tool to help tackle unhealthy horse betting in the UK.

Non Gamstop punters need to be responsible, because non gamstop betting is a typical product of the modern world, one where the internet allows us to bypass government impositions.

Horse racing bookmakers want to offer an amusing and safe gaming experience whether they are UKGC or not. But it’s the player’s ultimate responsibility to be vigilant about their own betting patterns.

Horse Racing Betting Sites: Summary

You can have a lot of fun with UK horse racing betting sites and non Gamstop sites are just another option for responsible bettors. Remember, when the fun stops, stop! 

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