Gambling Trends for 2022

It comes as no surprise that in a bid to see continued growth, online casinos have continued to push the bar with new features, new services, and emerging trends that will continue to shape even the biggest platforms. Being well into the year now, which have been some of the biggest and most exciting trends to emerge in gambling, and how will these trends continue to look like the biggest operators evolve and look for the next big opportunity?

Crypto casinos continue to grow

Over the past decade, cryptocurrency has become a hot topic and not something that has slowed in its trend and online operators have looked to capitalize on this with a wide variety of new crypto casinos emerging over the past few years – they have quickly grown to become amongst some of the biggest services available with unique promotions and benefits and often boast the fastest processing times for deposits and withdrawals too. Whilst the biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is going through a period of uncertainty, it looks as if these types of casinos will be sticking around for the long haul and continued growth seems almost inevitable.

A push for safer gambling

Our recent posts have covered some of the major changes coming to the UK gambling market in particular with the UKGC aiming to make gambling online a much safer practice with the target being adjusting features in some of the most popular gaming titles – it seems these changes aren’t just limited to the UK however as there is a continued effort to see online gambling not only becoming safer, but to improve the public perception of it too which is currently happening. Whilst this will likely be an ongoing effort for as long as online casinos are around, it’s a constantly evolving factor that many of the newest operators have to consider.

Emergence of new devices

The ability to gamble on smartphones was a huge turning point in the online casino industry and have quickly grown to become amongst the most played services too, but other wearable devices have become a new target as a growing trend has emerged in smartwatch gambling amongst other devices. Whilst it’s still on the niche side, it is a growing trend in the casino industry, and has helped to show the potential expansion into other wearable devices in the future to help grow the already expanding mobile market.

Other trends that have been promised for some time include the likes of extended reality gaming which has yet to take off in a big way but technology is quickly improving here too – other trends could emerge in the latter half of the year but there’s still a lot of excitement to come from ongoing changes in the industry.

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