Horse racing betting not on Gamstop UK

There was a time in the UK – not all that long ago – when horse racing was the only sport that was of interest to UK bettors. Indeed, before 1960 it wasn’t even legally possible to bet on sports other than horse and dog racing. To this day, there is a relationship between horse racing and gambling in the UK which goes very deep in both industries. It may seem odd, then, to look out for opportunities for horse racing betting not on Gamstop UK. But this is something that people are doing in increasing numbers.

When it comes to betting on horse racing, there are more than enough events going on in the UK (and often Ireland) to keep UK bettors interested. The idea of looking beyond this part of the world for betting providers may seem counterintuitive, but as you will see there are plenty of reasons that bettors enjoy horse racing betting not on Gamstop UK. We will go through a few of them now. With more and more new non Gamstop casinos to choose from, this information will hopefully be of use.

More markets

Good UK bookmakers will usually offer odds on races in the UK and Ireland and beyond. However, they won’t always offer as wide a range as they might. Horse racing takes place in many other countries, including the USA, Hong Kong, and Japan. When you bet at an offshore bookmaker licenced in Curacao, they are more likely to cover a wider range of racecourses and meetings. This offers people with a more nuanced interest in horse racing a chance to find value in less well-known (from a UK point of view, anyway) races with more unheralded horses and jockeys.

Better odds

UK online bookmakers have a lot of bases to cover when it comes to staying on the right side of the law. There are a lot of licencing requirements to meet and lots of taxes to pay, and this means that their margins are often poor compared to other bookmakers. You may well find that horse racing betting not on Gamstop UK offers you the chance to win more on the same races than you would if you bet at a more established bookie. Longer odds are always better odds for a bettor, and more choice means that you can shop around.

Better offers

A good bonus offer can make all the difference at the beginning of a betting “career”. When you have more funds to play with, you can make more effective bets. Many of the best services offering horse racing betting not on Gamstop UK have offers that go well beyond what UK books will offer. If you can start out on the right foot and keep going from there, then there will always be the chance to make a greater success of your betting, which is all the more encouraging. As you would with strictly UK bettors, do keep in mind that offer quality will vary between providers. If their odds are good and their offers pass muster, than you may well have found the right bookmaker for you.

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