Top Earning Poker Players of All-Time

As a game of skill as much as luck, some people can earn an impressive name for themselves at the Poker table by developing strategies and methods of play that really set themselves apart from others. It can be hard to find the biggest wins on private tables held in the big resorts or private rooms, but the advent of online Poker gave a great record of those who were able to secure some huge wins, and there are a number of players who certainly made a name for themselves on the biggest online Poker services, and were able to win a huge in a short career too – but who are the top earners?

Jonas “OtB_RedBaron” Mols – PokerStars has been responsible for bringing some of the big names of the biggest winners, and racking up winnings of over $1.7 million at PokerStars in his shorter career, it is certainly a huge number to beat, whilst certainly not up there with some of the all time greats, this is a number produced by just one service and not representative of how much he may have earned on others too – he was so good during his prime that there were even guides developed just for strategies to beat him on PokerStars.

Erik Seidel – A far cry from the $1.7 million winnings for the previous entry, Seidels $37.8 million winnings and induction into the Poker Hall of Fame certainly make him an example for many to follow – hailing from the New York Mayfair Club which is home to a number of other fantastic Poker players too, Seidel is one of the few who sit in rare air as perhaps one of the greatest Poker players of all time, with eight WSOP bracelets, 35 finals tables, and 92 cashes throughout his career.

Bryn Kenney – As one of the most prominent players s till in the game, Kenney has manage to win $56 million throughout his Poker career with the chance to win a number of big tournaments yet – with the biggest single win having a pay-out of just over $20.563 million, it certainly contributed to the huge winnings found, and at just 34 years of age he still has plenty of time to play and grow this record further, particularly if he hopes to catch names like the previous entry on this list too.

As tournaments continue to ramp up the biggest prizes their offering as Poker grows in popularity both online and offline, names making this list will certainly become more prominent, and those making millions of dollars from Poker will certainly become more common too.

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