Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

Promotions play a key role in how many players view online casinos as a whole and a good package of different bonuses cans either make or break the service by encouraging new players to join or by leading experienced players to look elsewhere when the desire for better or different promotions comes. There’s a lot of variety to online casino bonuses however and they’re offered in many different ways, and we’ll take you through what the different bonuses are and what they may mean for the players looking to take advantage of them.

Welcome bonuses will be the first many come across – For many players, their first look at a sites promotions will come in the form of welcome bonuses, and these have changed a lot over time. Many older sites will typically offer three different offers for the first, second, and third deposit, but this is slowly changing to be an offer for just the first, some sites will only offer spins instead of deposit matching or bet matching offers too, for example. These welcome offers are typically aimed at giving the player a little extra for their first deposits to encourage further play, and as the name suggests a welcome to the site.

Loyalty Bonuses – These exist for the reoccurring players who stick to a site for a longer period of time and may once have been more well known as VIP bonuses or VIP programmes. There tend to be higher limits on receiving these bonuses with big deposits or regular play options being required to be eligible. These bonuses tend to be much more generous though, with big cash or physical prizes that can range from a small token of appreciation to big gestures like cars and such – whilst the barrier to entry here is much higher, the rewards can be greater for the most dedicated players.

Referral Bonuses – These bonuses come from the encouragement of getting other players to join, many sites will give an account a referral code that can be given out to other players and when they join and deposit, the referrer gains some benefit – this can come in tiers, with early options being a small percentage of the amount deposit, and later stages offering a portion of their winnings on a month-to-month basis. Referral codes are a great way to gain a little bit extra if there are many people to invite to a service that is preferred.

These are just a few of the many different types of online casino bonuses and many others like cashback bonuses, high-roller bonuses, and exclusive bonuses tend to have a lot of terms attached to them – being sure to read through will provide all of the information needed to ensure the most can be gained from these options.

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